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If the Home Office was a company, it would be ripe for a takeover by now (or liquidation).

What every Tory in the country must be asking is, how come one backbencher (Richard Bacon) doing his homework and being dogged, can do more damage to the present government: than William Hague, Ian Duncan Smith, Michael Howard, David Cameron, every single member of the various shadow cabinets since 1997, all the other backbenchers, all the conservative columnists, the entire tory press, put to together, makes u think!

Does Richard Bacon support EU withdrawal?

It doesn't matter how effective he is, and he clearly is very, very effective, there would be no place for him on the front bench if he advocates withdrawal.

Labour's 'all talk and no action' policies are being to come back to haunt them.

David Davis needs to set out the case for REAL reform and then get on the TV and radio every day and every weekend and advocate it. It may be boring, but as Michael Howard said, some of politics is.

I think its great that a backbencher has done the spadework here. For many years they have done little other than carp about Europe and brief against the leader.

Bacon should be an example of where backbenchers can make a real difference in bringing a Conservative Government to power.

Another example of timidity by our Prime Minister, I'm afraid.
I was a press office at the Lord Chancellors Dept on the day of that infamous cabinet reshuffle in 2003(?) that was delayed endlessly as Ministers fought for their turf and their prestige. Eventually that evening we discovered (watching the BBC - FOR REAL!) that Lord Falconer had taken over from Derry and that we had changed into the DCA.
Much more to the point however, Blunkett had successfully fought off an attempt to break up the Home Office and create a Justice Ministry.
We all felt then that Lord Falconer had been brought in to oversee the ground work that would enable this to happen.

However, pratting around with Ministries does not make the Agencies involved function any better.

What we need are Ministers and Agency leaders who tell their staff everyday - "We are here to protect society from criminals through detection, prosecution, incarceration and rehabilitation. If you are doing something that does not contribute to this aim, stop doing it and do something that does."

"Does Richard Bacon support EU withdrawal? "

I take your point but can we please try and stop this discussion revolving around the EU!

The Lib Dems have launched on their website, a Clarke Must Go petition - let's hope Sir Ming can manage to sign his name correctly after getting everything else WRONG at yesterday's PMQs.

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