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Where's Annabel when you need her? I wonder what their charts are like when comparing these friends or foes? I suspect they are a lot closer than their public personas lead you to think.

It would be a clever ruse indeed for Gordon and Tony to allow distance between them on major decisions that could damage the Labour party were they to be seen to be in cahoots.

If Tony didn't get on with Gordon as the press would sometimes have us believe then why is he not heaping the blame for all of the problems that have occurred this year onto Gordon's shoulders after all what has Tony got to lose? He leaves office picks up a nice fat pension, waves goodbye with a tear in his eye and lives a jolly good life. The fact that Gordon is clear of blame on Iraq, party loans for honours, gambling legislation, disappointing public sector reforms, all point toward a degree of collusion between the two men. To me they're more like Cagney and Lacey you know good cop/bad cop routine.

More time needs to be spent researching Gordon's involvement in the bad news and make sure that the public are made aware of the connections.

Just like Labour are trying to spin the loans for honours back against the Conservatives on the tv news this evening.

Yes totally agree. Our approach should be to point to the double act linking Borwn with Blair and show how their approach is the past and Cameron's is the future.


a-Tracey! Have just got in from our patrons club dinner, see my other post. I am commanded to come to BED NOW but will just say for now, they are both 12th house people. Their personal planets sitting there. (also David Blunkett!!) 12th house is where you shoot yourself in the foot. The house of self undoing. Rules anywhere enclosed. Hospitals, prisons, librarys. Positively, spiritual awareness. stuff like that. Get vicars and phychs and cops with busy 12 houses. Negatively, 12 house people are sneaks, spinners..... Its ruled by Neptune after all, and he is the God of smoke and mirrors. Yes, they could be described as two sides of the same coin. I havnt done their combined chats, will do so Saturday. Ive done Brown and DC and Blair and DC. Have to say, he is handling the pair of them very well. Yes dear I AM coming to bed right now, and yes you go in the bathroom first then! Dont you get that?

Annabel: No, mine doesn't ask; he can still throw me over his shoulder! 'What a Carry On - ooh Matron' ;-)

On a serious note many people don't like change, Brown will get the 'better the devil you know' vote. As for commenting on him being the old guard that does nothing for me, it's a double edged sword and devalues the Tory's older, wiser, longer serving MP's contributions in the house.

A-Tracey! Have run brown and blair combo through my synastry software. Great fun!! The poor old computer doesnt recognise that they are a couple of blokes!! If you are going to Manchester, I'ii give you a copy. Or ask Sam to give you my email address, then we can sort out a snail mail drop, as its 12 pages. While recognising the essential facts between them , it is really funny, because the sotware is written for a courting couple. I know we can have same sex marraiges now, but there are bits that are unintentionally hysterical. I then ran DC and blair, and DC and Brown through. just as funny, but potentially very very useful for DC. Will take them all to M/C and hand them over.

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