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Peter Mandelson said this really will really keep my nose from growing?

You see, it doesn't grow when I lie.

the site is showing an "Image not found" error

"You know, I remember when Gordon and I use to be this close."

1AM - You look at a picture of a Maori nurse and you see "Witch Doctor"? Seriously?

My caption:
"If you don't believe me, look into my eyes."

"image not available"...well, it sums it all up to be honest doesnt it?!

I'm currently investigating why some of you are getting this "image not available" message...

Image is all that's available would be closer to the mark.

I can clearly distinguish between a Maori nurse and a witch doctor... I was being flippant...

How about

"For once, Tony fails to get up someone's nose..."

As its in the mornings papers, we dont need it on the blog. I have not been struck by inspiration yet, except to think he looks a right prat.

I couldn't do better than EU Serf!

I think the image problem has now been corrected! Sorry for the earlier problems...

(1) BLAIR: "Don't worry madam, I'm very experienced at rubbing people's noses in it."

(2) WOMAN: "This is all I get for £10,000? How much is the peerage?"

(3) VOICE-OVER: If you've ever wondered what Claire Short gets up to now she isn't in the Cabinet....

I could not POSSIBLY top that William!!!

Woman - I recommend Listerine, Mr Blair

Exclusive evidence of Cherie Blair's allergic reaction to Humphrey.

(overheard) I don't care who you are...keep your nose out of my 'business!'

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