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Even more interesting, was the fact that he couldn't bring himself to say the word England.
Perhaps a sick bucket wasn't handy at the time?

William,excellent as always!But in a Beautiful Mind doesn't Bettany play Balls rather than Blair who I thought was played by Ed Wood. It must have been Blair who persuaded poor Gordon to do all sort of naughty things like give a job to the Chairman of Capita who poor Gordon hadn't even met!

And my own suggestions for a biopic of the late Humphrey:

The Cat Came Back
Oscar-nominated animated comedy about a pesky black and white cat which becomes the bane of Mrs Blair's life as it constantly outsmarts her increasingly desperate attempts to get rid of it.
Verdict: Both children and adults will laugh again and again at this cartoon caper, which will never fail to entertain.

Cats & Dogs
Fast-paced family action movie about the top-secret, high-tech espionage war going on between a cat and Cherie Blair, which the general public are kept blissfully unaware of.
Verdict: British audiences may find the unsympathetic portrayal of man's best friend a bit of a turn-off.

The Cat, The Witch and The Cabinet
Modern adaptation of the famous C.S. Lewis classic novel about a once-mighty land, accessible either via an indefinitely large but empty Cabinet made from dead wood or by making large donations to the Labour Party, now ruled by an icy witch and her evil minions, in the absence of her mighty feline enemy Humphrey, who is betrayed by a naive public duped by the witch's deceitfulness. Featuring Tilda Swinton as Cherie Blair, Liam Neeson as the voice of Humphrey and millions of extras as the witch's suffering subjects.
Verdict: Not as far-fetched as you might believe...

Gordie Browno - The tale of a man in the Past who thinks he is in the Future.

Great stuff, William!

My own contribution:

[b]Memoirs of a Prime Minister[/b]

Drama set in 2010 featuring Tony Blair as he tries to sell his memoirs for staggering amounts of money. With a £3.5 million mortgage on his new Connaught Square home, and his wife running up increasingly large salon bills (which seem to have little effect on her appearance), will Tony raise enough cash from his memoirs in order to pay off his debts? Or can he rely on his old friend Lord Levy to find him a "loan"?

This is getting addictive...

V is for Vendetta

Futuristic action-adventure film set in Westminster.

Gordon has a Vendetta. A vendetta against the man who reneged on a deal that would have made him Prime Minister.

Tony Blair has been Prime Minister for 16 years now, despite announcing after 8 years in office that he would be stepping down at the next election. But that was not to be.

After sneakily pushing a bill through Parliament in May 2006 using the newly approved Leglislative & Regulatory Reform Bill, Tony became the first "Prime Minister for Life". He will hold office until he dies, to be succeeded by his son, Euan Blair MP (Bethnal Green & Bow).

Now Gordon wants revenge, and hatches a plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament with Tony and Euan inside. Will Gordon succeed? Will Tony survive? Will somebody repeal the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill?

Bumbling Lord Prescott of Kingston-Upon-Hull adds a comic touch to an otherwise dark and harrowing film.

Charlie and the Whiskey Factory

Poor old Charlie is feeling very down on his luck, until he wins a ticket for a tour of a magical Whiskey factory with a group of three other spoilt children (Chris, Simon & Mark).

Charlie and his grandad (Ming) have lots of fun in the whiskey factory, where they drink some Willy Wonker Special Brew which makes them float up to the top of the ceiling. Charlie eventually manages to ground himself by hiccupping and burping.

Fun is also in store for Chris who demands a golden egg, Simon who is desperate to be on TV, and Mark who loves eating chocolate.

However, the winner at the end of the day is Ming, who takes control of the Whiskey Factory, imposing a 50% corporation tax rate on it and promptly puts the factory out of business.

Verdict: Not suitable for minors.


School boy bully Bushie and his toady Blair release a tarantula from the school lab because "it was looking at them in a funny way". It eats everything it sees and gets bigger. Whenever they try to speak to anyone a great big thread and grins at them. Caning and explusions all round.

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