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It almost makes your heart warm to those squeaky clean Nationalists.

As long as we get pics of Blair going into No 10 to question Blair, Lord Levy visting Scotland Yard....

Perhaps if there is a case an ASBO would be suitable (as well as the ban from public office)

It is highly appropriate that Alan B'stard is a New Labour cabinet member in the new "New Stateman" play that is about to start touring. Rik Mayall, as B'stard, looks like Peter Hain in the publicity shots.

Surely Cameron will have to use this scandal at PMQs tomorrow...the best line of attack is to paint Blair as a hypocrite. New Labour is institutionally corrupt, but pretend to be 'whiter than white and 'purer than pure' etc.
Cameron has to show leadership and not shy away from this issue.

Problem is Blair will have a briefing pack listing Tory donors subsequently enobled under the Major/Thatcher govts (let's face it, they've all been at it). Cameron is pretty much untainted personally by the whole mess so far, so will not want that retaliation to damage him by association.

Indeed, Blair need only reply: "There is only one party still hiding the source of its loans, and it is not Labour or the LibDems."

Good to see Tories like Dominic Grieve breaking ranks and calling for full disclosure. Well done to him.

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