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Ann is someone who I admire and respect. I would like to know whether she still believes that we should have a "no tolerance" policy on drugs, including cannabis. How would she tackle the growing problem of drugs today?

I would like to ask if it is true she is standing down at the next election, and why? Also what she plans to do afterwards, and what she thinks the party's future will be.

I am interested in her impression of the Conservative backbenchers view of the Iraq conflict and whether it has changed at all in recent months.
I am also interested to know whether Cameron consults his backbenchers or does he simply expect them to follow him.

I'm interested in knowing her thoughts on the "something about the night" comment which haunted Michael Howard for so long, especially in the light of the fact that Mr. Howard later became the leader of the party and fought an election as a possible Prime Minster.

Would you stay on and stand for Speaker? I think you would have the class control of Betty B. thats for sure!

What does Anne think about ConservativeHome?

If she had (or indeed has) created a business what type or in what sector would it be?

What memory does she cherish the most of her time in parliament, and what would she least like to remember?

I would be interested in how she thinks it is possible to be a committed Christian in politics when the expression of orthodox opinions (e.g. 'homosexual practice is sinful') is now regarded as a bar to public office.

If she could only change one, which of the Built to Last statements would she change and why?

I'd like to know if she could be persuaded to change her mind about stepping down at the next election. We need MPs of her calibre, and if she goes she will be a great loss not just to our Party, but to parliament as a whole.

Does Ann support boot, or respect camps as a means of implementing a zero-tolerance to crime without unecessarily imposing a criminal offence?

oops - s/b criminal record - sorry.

Dear Miss Widdecombe:

Why is a Conservative party that is committed to high public spending "conservative"?

I would like to 'second' Annabel Herriott's question, as I also think that you would make a very effective Speaker!

Dear Ann,

I am concerned with the government's interference in Catholic beliefs and education. What happened to that good old fashioned separation between Church and State ? Rather than the Church dictating to the State, it now seems that the State is dictating to the Church.

First, the Sexual Orientations Act will effectively end the existence of Catholic Adoption Agencies. Now it seems that it will also forbid Catholic education to teach what it believes regarding homosexuality. Is it ironic that in a world in which freedom of expression is supposed to be sacrosanct, the Church will not be able to teach what it believes.

At the moment we are posted in Romania, a country which has just survived Communism, the tyranny which has suppressed their basic freedoms, including freedom of religion. I do not see a difference between the Labour Party insisting that there is only one valid point of view, and what happened under Communism, in which people were told what to think and no other view was acceptable.

Dear Ann, what shld we, as Catholics, do ? A writing campaign to MPs will not do. The Labour Party will not listen to concerns of Christians. Maybe I shld become a Muslim instead. The Labour Party will bend over backwards to satisfy their Muslim constituencies.

Mariella Whitehead
SW18 1DU

Why in heavens name was anne not put up for leader?This woman sticks by her beliefs and speaks out for the people.So long as mr cameron is leader this voter will be turning!He's proved that when his own people need him he won't be putting them first.Come on Anne go for it!

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