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Adrian...wasnt it David Heath? It got a little personal with the quip about the 2001 election. Hague coming out with something like "I may have lost the election but I at least got through it without hitting anyone!".

Precott did alright actually and held his own. Score draw I think.

Interestingly Brown bored a hole in Prescotts head when Prescott was commenting on the handover of power. Brown didnt look very happy at that moment it must be said.

You're right, James. I'll change it.

I also think Prescott held his own quite well.

He speaks terribly, but is quick-thinking.
We can only go so far in mocking him before we start to look like bullies.

and where is Cameron?

In his office I'd imagine Biodun. It's convention that when the PM is away, the Opposition Leader doesn't take on the Deputy PM.

Despite what many think Prescott is very good at PMQ's. It might not be pretty but he tends to bluster his way through most questions. It might not work in a debating society but it does the trick at PMQ's.

I agree. I think Prescott did well. Unfortunately all the media will focus on the jokey nature of today and they'll miss WH's vital points on the outrage of the council tax bribe.

The jokes will stop though if the ID Card Bill continues to be ping ponged across Parliament tonight. I hope the Lords will keep kicking it back. I didnt like the amendment (why delay it? Itll still be compulsory at a later stage) so I hope the MPs continue to kick it back at the Lords. Sadly though, the Conservatives and Labour are considering backing the amendment...

The so called compromise on ID cards is no such thing. It is a capitulation. The government have had their way and everyone who applies for a passport will have their details recorded on the NIR. Being abble to opt out of the card is meaningless as the card itself is harmless. The database is the threat and the conservatives who backed this ammendment are either stupid or spineless.

The only people to fight the compromise were the Lib Dems...

It could be a clever plan - when Gordon asks "so what are you going to cut?" Osborne replies with ID cards!
The current cost estimates a wildly optimistic, the IT alone will probably turn out massively over budget, introduction will be delayed, people will find criminals can read their chips and still steal their identies...
So lets say its burning £5bn a year buy next election, with billions still to be spent - there's a low hanging fruit for budget trimming.

I thought what was hilarious was watching Prescott reading his jokes with his finger running along the line.

I doubt that the clever plan is to support it only to turn on it in a few years time...this Conservative Party doesnt even believe in cutting taxes. If they dont believe in cutting taxes, cutting ID Cards is even less likely...

Yep, the Tories worked with Labour to get the ID bill through this evening even though the Labour manipulation of the wording of their manifesto pledge was disgusting.

Then you have the £1.7 billion fictional cost of identity fraud when the industry places the real cost at less than £37 million or around 50 pence per person.

No wonder Cameron has removed his campaign site with his pre-election pledges on. One by one they are being forgotten.

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