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I'm a bit disappointed with John Flacks answer as he doesn't mention ordinary party members once!If we want to encourage a mass membership party we should be asking for more input from them not less.Remember most members will do all they can to secure a Conservative government and should be trusted by the party a little bit more than they have been in the past.
Emma Piddings answer is completely unacceptable.I would suggest Emma,that the 'disastrous' result you mentioned in 2001 was entirely the fault of MPs who presented us with the choice we had to make.

The only reason the 2005 leadership election improved our "electability" was because of the emergence of David Cameron and the good manners of David Davis.

Had it been a close run between (for instance Fox & Clarke) issues like Europe and tax cuts could have divided the party not united it.

However that could happen under any system involving a members ballot so we are probably stuck with it.

I disagree with both Pidding and Middleton here. Two black spots against their names now.

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