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Hmm. I can't say I find any of those replies satisfactory.

"Do Associations select along the lines above when left to their own devices? No."

It would be useful if we knew why they didn't select along those lines. Perhaps because there are not enough women or ethnic minorities who put themselves forward? Maybe those that do just don't perform as well as they should?

Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree but it seems as if there's a view amongst the party leadership that constituency associations are packed with reactionaries who will not tolerate anybody who's not white, male and middle class. If they believe this they should state so openly and provide proof.

i agree with Toby and Emma, so pointless writing it all out again. However, my perception is that some constituences tend to gravitate towards a male candidate unless given a shove. I t would also be more acceptable if the candidate has or had - ie born there but now moved away due to career etc.. local links. I have heard folk muttering about "clever sod barrister from London... who does he think he is... pin striped twit..." and all the rest of it. So if we have to go down the 50/50 road, so be it. Not beyond the wit of man, as long as we dont end up with the equivilant of Blairs Babes. We have one of those on Colne Valley already.. we would dearly love to make that in the past tense.

Emma Pidding's boyfriend, Tim Butcher, is awaiting the result of his Priority List interview. Jeremy Middleton and John Flack have probably applied for the Priority List. Toby Vintcent may also have applied if he was on the Approved List. Simon Mort was Chairman of the Candidates Committee that introduced the Priority List. Their replies should be viewed in the context of their personal interests.

If you actually look through the list of candidates in the last election, it was quite diverse. The problem is, we have a lot of what could be termed a 'bedblocking' MPs so the seats aren't there to make the Parliamentry Party look that diverse. What we most do, is pick the best candidates on merit and likelihood to win a particular seat. In many seats, the candidate has time to make up while these lists have been tweaked. Time which is vital in many marginal seats where the incumbant MP is getting a free ride.

Simon Mort lost his position on the board because he did not agree with the priority list.

Wasp means the board of parliamentary candidates - rather than the party board.

"Simon Mort lost his position on the board because he did not agree with the priority list."

That is inconsistent with his comment above, Wasp. Source or proof for your assertion please.

All of the above answers arent good enough. The excuse of being a loyal member is complete bs. You can be both loyal as well as not agree with them.

If you look at a very short reply - The Priority List (PL) is the Leader's policy and he was elected on it. - that doesn't ring true as an endorsement of policy and the next sentence makes it clear he isn't pro.

Did Cameron actually say during the leadership election that he intended to enshrine positive discrimination as the centrepiece of the Party's candidate selection process?

He also said we would withdraw from the EPP during the election contest. Let's hope he keeps the promise that it appears is the more desired by members.

I was asking because I don't remember him doing so.

Ted, Mort says that he favours shorter Priority List, i.e. supports it in principle.

If any of the five do disagree with it, it was open for them to say so, but add that if the Board have voted in favour of it, then they will accept that decision.

Trying to work out whether or not they are "really" opposed to it is a form of Kremlinology that I'm not interested in.

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