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So that's:
FLACK: Chairman - open mind; Treasurer - open mind
MIDDLETON: Chairman - no; Treasurer - no
MORT: Chairman - possibly; Treasurer - no
VINTCENT: Chairman - no; Treasurer - no
PIDDING: Chairman - open mind; Treasurer - no

The members should vote to approve, like shareholders, the Leader's proposed appointments. This should also apply to all party board appointments.

At the risk of becoming more like the Lib Dems perhaps the answer is to have Party President who is elected by members for a term of say, two years, sits on the Board, chairs the National Convention and has oversight with regard to constitutional matters?

The principal role of a President might be 'to safeguard the democratic rights and freedoms of members and associations, to promote unity within the Conservative Party and ensure continued support for Conservative campaigns at all levels.'

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