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So that's:
FLACK: Open mind
MORT: Dubious
PIDDING: Open mind

Compare these answers to those given in relation to the Priority List. The Priority List is official party policy - all agree with it. There is no official policy on open primaries - criticism and fence-sitting. Sad!

If these people "outside the party" are so bloody useful why are we not recruiting them into the Party?

An MP represents the concerns of their whole community, not just the party members or those who voted for them.

How do you prevent opposition parties or single-issue groups from hijacking the list of potential voters? How do we exercise any control over the candidates we select?
Why don't you ask Fiona Bruce who was not only selected by this method, but is also the highest ranked of all candidates on the Goldlist thread here?

Toby's response appears to be the knee-jerk reaction of a closed mind.

Toby Vintcent really should get himself a bit more informed before giving silly responses like the one above!

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