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A word of advice for the Labour party.

If anyone attempts to by a peerage with £1 million in used fivers report them to the Kent Constabulary immediately.

"Who's money is it?"

One flaw in an otherwise brilliant piece. It should be "whose", not "who's". ;-)

BBC now reporting £14 million in loans from individuals.

£14million Blair knew about and the treasurer of the Labour Party didn't.

What a sleazy, divided arrogant Government this is.

Tony Blair, for god's sake just go!

All we need now is their equivalent of "The Long Black Wednesday" to finish them off.

DVA: It should be "whose", not "who's". ;-)

So that's why I haven't got my peerage yet...

"So that's why I haven't got my peerage yet..."

You may have sent the cheque to the wrong person. Send direct to Tony Blair (he's got a mortgage to pay remember), not Jack Dromey.

Im completely shocked by this news about the cash for peerages. I truly am stunned by it.

This Government is practically begging to be forced out! In any other country (maybe not the US!), the Government would be thrown out and all those connected would be done for corruption and abuse of position charges.

Cant this be used in a Tessa Jowell style thing? Blair needs the money to fight elections, which keep him as Prime Minister. Therefore he offers people peerages in exchange for large sums of money for the election fund. I dont see much of a diference apart from the scale...he clearly has a conflict of interest here as Party Leader and Prime Minister and as he has admitted he knew about this, he's in Jowells position here. I say report him to Gus O'Donnell under the Ministerial Code.

James M: I say report him to Gus O'Donnell under the Ministerial Code.

Interesting fact about the Ministerial Code. During the North East referendum I thought I'd got Prescott on a breach of the legal duties of a minister, but which can be enforced only through the Code. I took it up and eventually ended up speaking to the Director of the Propriety & Ethics Team within the Cabinet Office, who claim to police the Code. We had a fascinating discussion, at which point I thought it might be useful to sum up where we'd reached.

So, let me check that I’ve got this correct, I said. In the 21st Century there is a law in Britain which says that John Prescott cannot do certain things. But if he does do those things, the person who decides whether he’s broken the law is John Prescott. The punishment for breaking the law is to tell Parliament that he’s broken it. And the person who decides he has to tell Parliament is John Prescott. And even then, Parliament will probably do nothing?

Well, said the Director, yes.

You know, I continued, I’ve the strangest feeling that John Prescott is going to decide that John Prescott hasn’t broken the law at all, and there’s no need for John Prescott to apologise to Parliament.

And that was where it stayed.

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