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I was disappointed in the survey questions for March- it still doesn't seem as though the Cons have got their finger on the pulse. Example: the line about taxes making British business uncompetitive. I mean, get real. 'British business' is not a voter, so why appeal to them. How about appealing directly to the taxpayers who are suffering under Labour? That would be a bit more relevant to voters' interests.

Me too! I'm sick and tired of this constant pandering to the so-called 'disadvantaged'. Obviously there are people that genuinely need help and everything possible should be done to alleviate their problems but this all-encompassing grovelling has to stop. It has gone so far now that the hard-working middle-classes are becoming disadvantaged and discriminated against. My family works bloody hard, we get no handouts and yet we are penalised at every turn. My elder son worked hard at school, got to university (for a four year course) and now (despite having a part-time job during his degree) has a five-figure debt! What justice is there in that? Maybe we should just give up work and sponge off the state - those who do seem to be the only people the political parties are interested in helping!

I did think the "should this be in the manifesto?" questions were pretty poorly worded. Some of them were multiple phrases (what if you agree with one and not the other?) and it's perfectly possible to agree with a statement but at the same time think it doesn't belong in a manifesto.

Tim, wil you check please, Ive filled one survey today, now another few have landed in my in box!! Still think DC is going on OK. Still hope he cansatisfy both the loaners/donors and the electoral commission.

Sorry Annabel... please only vote once as it'll be a waste of your time otherwise! We do have ways of checking, however, to avoid multiple voting!

"Some of them were multiple phrases."

Do remember which ones you were least happy with, Iain?

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