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Excellant news. It was an even bigger defeat than the last time the ammendments were passed. Both the Conservatives and Lib Dem's must hold firm on this issue.

Fantastic news. Brilliant result!

This is goods news, but I'm worried that if this cycle continues the Parliament Act will be forced through...

great news, the best thing ive heard all day!

How long can the government go on losing votes???


"How long can the government go on losing votes???"

Losing votes in the Lords does not undermine the government in the way that a defeat in the Commons does. The government can be defeated in the Lords at any time if both the Conservatives and Lib Dem's wish to do so.

This, and indeed any other parliamentary vote, could though be rendered meaningless if the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill passes. It will allow ministers simply to amend the Bill to make the cards compulsory. We shouldn't get carried away with each result in the current ping-pong process.

Great News, it at least delays the introduction of Citizens Licences.

As Martin Says however, The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill could allow them to bypass parliament to pass this kind of law.

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