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Its a shame nobody has commented on this yet.

Profumo represents a now tragically by-gone era when politicians had honour and resigned when they did something wrong. Contrast that with today, and we could do with a lot more politicians with the honour of John Profumo. I think IDS's tribute is very good.

Some might draw comparisons between the two... (not that IDS did anything scandalous)

Yes I'm sorry that I have not commented on this.Perhaps one always looks back with rose tinted glasses but it does seem that politics was a much less dirty game in the 1960's than it is today.Perhaps that is one of the reasons why IDS who seems a wholly honourable man did not prosper as leader.
I hope people will honour John Profumo in death as they didn't during his life.

Even CNN has reported it.

Contrast Profumo with the politicos of today: He lied to the House of Commons, he was caught. He did the honourable thing - said 'fair cop' and departed. He never complained, never sold his memoirs, and devoted the rest of his life to doing something useful.
Blair lied to the House and the country with his '45 minutes' claim. He was also caught. He didn't even apologise, (or admit the lie) and was re-elected.
Profumo's 'crime'? A sexual indescretion. (Let he who without sin cast the first stone.) No one got hurt.
Blair's crime - over 100 British servicemen dead.
A sad sad refelction on the times in which we live.

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