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Chris was a truly remarkable and wonderful person. I am proud to have known him and to have benefited from his intellect. Chris will be sadly missed. The Party would do well to co-operate with the LA and remember Chris’s legacy.

Chris was a friend. We will all be worse off without him. He was a relentless foe of statist evil and an intellectually uncompromising advocate of liberty.

I was so very sorry to hear about Chris. He was a very early influence on me when I first got involved in student 'Tory' politics and although I was never full on libertarian (having stong Conservative communitarian beliefs),I retain staunch views on defending civil liberties, ID cards, 90 days detntion without trial and such matters etc. I won't forget the LA conferences that were organised at the time, some of which were in the New Cavendish Club near Marble Arch.

In February of this year I attended the CNE Capitalist Ball in Brussels where The 2006 CNE Adam Smith Award for Lifetime Achievement was given to Dr. Chris R. Tame.

This is tragic news. Chris was a key member of the Movement in the 1980s and 1990s and it should be in his memory - along with the memories of other stalwarts such as Keith Joseph, Anthony Fisher and Nick Ridley - that we should look to build a true conservative movement in his name.

It is indeed very sad news.

Chris Tame was one of the great unsung heroes of the British right. His libertarian beliefs were uncompromising but his personal warmth and kindness won him admirers of every political hue.

Among many achievements I want to cite just one: his creation and management of the Alternative Bookshop. It's hard to believe that in the heart of Covent Garden, in an area now dominated by expensive boutiques, there was an excellent bookshop with a comprehensive range of Conservative and libertarian literature.

Chris gave far more than he ever took. He'll be sadly missed.

I can only echo the comments above. Chris introduced me to many great libertarian thinkers. Today, I look back on our discussions at the Alternative Bookshop and many events with great fondness and gratitude.

Chris's legacy is huge and he will be missed by all who knew him. I will drink a toast to his memory tonight.

"The Party would do well to co-operate with the LA and remember Chris’s legacy"

Agreed. Although the Tories are not a Libertarian Party they have (traditionally) much in common with the LA, especially on economic issues.

Chris had a keen intellect and enormous energy in pursuit of causes he knew to be right.

It is a tragedy that someone who was so instrumental in the rebirth of libertarian and conservative ideas in Britain should be taken from us at such a young age.

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