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At last the 'silent majority' can have their say!

Its very good to see Conservativehome getting more and more recognition from CCHQ. Well done Ed.

"Its very good to see Conservativehome getting more and more recognition from CCHQ. Well done Ed."

Agreed. But also staying independent and a candid friend. Well done Tim, you're doing sterling work.

yeah, well done editor.

Yes, well done.

Absolutely - just seen in my inbox, after reading this post, that CCHQ have even emailed a link to their Cameron supporter list...

This is excellent news, well done.

But, be warned! To paraphrase a famous proverb:

"Influence corrupts. Absolute influence corrupts absolutely!"

Maybe we'll be allowed to write the next manifesto?!

Congratulations Tim. The fact that CCHQ are recognising and supporting you whilst also listening to what we're saying is amazing. Who would have thought this when ConservativeHome started?! Also, would we have seen such branching out under David Davis? I wonder... Well done Tim!

Just a word of warning, Tim. Take care that this CCHQ affection is not just the very Blairite strategy of hugging you closer so that it's easier to stab you in the back.

Tim, you're doing a great job.
Challenging and supporting CCHQ as an honest (but when necessary critical) friend is the way to continue.

Thanks for flagging Tory Radio up Tim. The party - including people like Grant Shapps really are starting to see the benefits of a grass roots movement, and the use of modern technology.

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