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A clever performance by Cameron, getting Blair to commit to giving his MPs no further consessions.

Yep agree. Cameron is much better in this mode than in the 'attack dog' mode which got him into difficulties with the 'flip-flop'jibe. Sound tactically and a measured tone. Agree with the editor that I am surprised no one raised the power inquiry which, despite its bland recommendations, should have been worthy of at least one question from somewhere at PMQ's.

Campbell's second question I felt was a worthy one. Although I completely disagree with LibDem anti-Americanism, and don't agree with Blair's implied suggestion that because of 9/11 the USA has a right to torture and abuse people's human rights, and that the British Govt should take a passive role in calling for Guantanamo's closure. You could see David Davis nodding in approval to what Ming was saying, and all British Conservatives should take the same attitude.

Not sure what to make of Nick Assinder's analysis (and I use the term loosely):


Still seems he's desperately trying to hand Blair a win

The one new thing that is becoming a feature at PMQ's is Brown's demeanour and the colour of his ties. He wore a pink one at the last PMQ's and a purple one today. Also, his nod/smile quotient has risen remarkably over the last two or three PMQ's.

Paul - Nick Assinder attempts to hand Blair a win at every PMQs.

"Nick Assinder attempts to hand Blair a win at every PMQs." - I know... but we can alwasy pray for change

I have complained to Nick Assinder in the past about his biased sketches but I don't think he was unfair today for a change.
I thought Cameron was excellent today.He got what he wanted from Blair even if Blair didn't realise it! The 'victory'may come in the Education debate.

I only woke up at 2pm, were there any questions on the Falklands and whether Blair would give a 'hands off' statement?

'I only woke up at 2pm'.I wish I was still a student!

Saw the link about Shakira...very interesting comment regarding The West Wing. Im a big fan of it too and have all six series available on DVD. Thought his comment was rather weak though. It was a little double speak-ish. It would have been best to cut out the megalomaniac comment.

I haven't watched PMQ's yet - I will watch it later on the Licence Tax-funded leftist disgrace that is the BBC website.

However, before I bother, did Ming actually refer by name to Camp (always a dodgy word to use as a LibDem) X-Ray? It has been closed down for several years now.


(half way down) If so, nice to see that he is as on top of his game as usual.

Geoff, I know that the BBC is institutionally biased, I know that it is publicly funded, and I too have many issues with it.

All I would say, is try living in the US. (As I do currently). Try and get ANY decent news coverage (of outside your home town or state), try and get any good radio drama, try and get much quality TV. Believe me, you will come to appreciate just how good the BBC is.

I still pay a license fee on my UK home. It is money well spent. The web-site which gives me access to current affairs and comedy shows, I treasure. (I could still get of course even if I wasn't a license payer. At least I feel that Im contributing)

Yes, I know I sound like the old 'Not the 9 O'Clock News sketch - "What tremendous value the BBC is. I would gladly sell my house and all my possessions to help them". I don't mean to. The BBC is not perfect, but it's a damn sight better than ANYTHING the US can offer!

Jon, I agree entirely. I am also not currently UK-based, but pay the licence tax. You may not like the choices in the US, but at least you aren't forced to pay for any of the options (from whichever part of the political spectrum) under threat of incarceration for non-compliance.

Anyway, I am currently watching PMQ's now, and both Ming and Bliar refer to Camp X-Ray, which has been closed for quite a while. Next in PMQ's - does George III mutter to himself?

Well, can't argue with that. It is a 'Telly Tax', and totally unrelated to one's ability to pay it. (Weren't there riots about a similar tax in the early 1990's?)

All news reporting has some bias - the Murdoch press, for example, report from Murdoch's viewpoint as he pays their salaries. Likewise, the BBC is bound to be somewhat biased towards a left-wing culture as that is what pays their salaries.

I used to be very anti-BBC. It is only since living abroad (specifically the US where there is such a dearth of quality news reporting) that I have come to appreciate them more. Likewise, to be able to listen through the net to "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" is worth the license fee alone!

(Interestingly, US media is also left-leaning. There are exceptions, such as FOX -Murdoch owned - but the majority is definately more inclined to the Democrats than the GOP. Obviously, nothing so rabidly left-wing as the Independent (the most innapropiately named newspaper ever), or the Grauniad).

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