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I think the event was with Kirsty Alsop as well... now there is a candidate for the "gold list" :)

Wonder when the rumours of alcoholism will appear?

No doubt the papers will be claiming it's bird flu.

"It's not known yet whether Cameron will be able attend to his duties tomorrow."

Of course he won't flu takes at least three days to recover from. Unless it's man flu!

Sorry Mr Cameron I couldn't resist, anyway why should us 'birds' get the blame for everything it's a well known fact that blokes suffer more from flu and pass it on in it's milder form!

"Wonder when the rumours of alcoholism will appear?"

That reminds me, any news on Cameron's attempt to quit smoking?

"Making sure planning rules encourage the creation of homes with the gardens and parking spaces that families want."

Good. The PPG system and its more often than not inappropriate application harms peoples quality of life and restricts choice. Almost every new non city centre development has insufficient parking, with cars often parked on the street or pavement due to insuffient drive space and sub-sized garages, blocking walkways, creating traffic flow problems, blind spots and general unsightliness.

Hopefully a conservative government would go further and disgard the PPG density requirements that are so unsympathetically applied to rural and semi-rural areas. Reversing John Majors daft 1993 'ban' on out of town retail development would be good too.

Did he get his flu jab? Meanwhile, Vit C and zinc, work from home for a bit, to keep his germs to himself.

It looks like "Dave's" attempts to become Liberal are going in new directions ... we all know what "flu" means - LOL

I will take whatever punishment is due for straying off-topic, but John Profumo has just passed away.

Being a Conservative Orange Booker I don't understand your joke at all.Please explain.

Can the tories afford a leader who takes a fortnight off to change nappies and then takes more time off for "flu".

Perhaps it was changing nappies which caused the flu ? Too many sleepless nights and general exhaustion. Could Cliff Richard give him a holiday in Barbados too ?

Charles Kennedy was sometimes said to have flu when he was hungover, malcolm.

Kirstie Allsopp was going to attend.

On topic:

The first point of the five seems a little optimistic. Is it achievable?

Seriously, please nominate Kirsty Allsop for the Gold List. She was at the Black and White Ball too, I believe, and this is not the first time I have read about her in connection with Tory opposition to this typically dreary and useless and expensive piece of legislation. (With the exception of the equally lovely Phil Spencer), no-one else could have articulated opposition to this without it looking like we were sucking up to estate agents, hardly the PR move of the year (ie congrats to whoever at CCO sorted this out).

It's great that the gold list has focussed on the provinces an' all that but it's about time we had some proper Londoners too. Vote for Kirsty!

Talking about 'opposition' for a moment, I have noticed an increase in our profile since the leadership contest has got out of the way. For instance, on (say) the today program - when a topic is discussed, we not at least have someone to comment for us... but is it me having too high expectations, or is there still a long way to go before we are running like a well oiled opposition machine? Its not as if we don't have plenty of ammunition - in fact wherever you look there is evidence of failed Govt. policy, sleaze and ineptitude.

If I was Cameron, I'd tell my MPs that the best jobs go to those that do the best job of attacking Labour and the Lib Dems - so do a bit of overtime and keep a note of what you do as evidence.

On Housing, its a turkey shoot with Prescott in charge, surely? Is he still in charge?

Opening up shared-ownership schemes to more than just public sector workers

But they are already. The only shared ownership schemes that are not open to anyone are those created as key worker housing or for "local people" as part of a planning package. Such restrictions do not apply to the majority of schemes.

This flu did the rounds. We all got it at the Welsh Conservative Conference and its been a real nasty one,


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