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I initially read that as a defection.

Now I fully understand the situation, Congratulations to the couple, I hope everything goes well.

Theresa May against Tony Blair? *gulps*

Maybe they could get Howard back lol.

Difficult choice, I've never really heard May in any kind of debate and David Davis is usually good..if he doesn't start babbling.

All the best to David and Samantha Cameron and their imminent arrival!

Perhaps they could have Ken Clarke fill in on a one-off basis tomorrow considering the unusual circumstances? That would be fun.

David Davis would probably be the logical choice, and allow us a glimpse of 'what might have been'.

An indicator of just how inclusive Cameron's Conservatives™ are would be to let Theresa May (Shadow Leader of the House) or Caroline Spelman (technically Shadow Deputy PM) stand in for David Cameron.

According to CCHQ Hague is going to do PMQs and Davis will be nominally in charge of the party when Hague flies to Washington later in the afternoon.


Perhaps we could start a thread to record our congratulations on David's 3rd child and email it to him? I hope that the delivery goes well, that the baby and mother are healthy and that the couple and the two sibblings are very happy. What a wonderful St. valentine's gift for Sam and David! On who stands in for David at PMQs, perhaps we should allow Caroline Spelman to have a go (she has been very impressive on TV recently).

Congratulations to Sam and David Cameron. Babies are the best thing in the world. I wish them all the joy possible and a quick transition to sleeping through the night.

I thought there was a defection too.

Congratulations to them both and best wishes.

Its a boy!!! I'll add my congratulations on the Happy Event.

Fantastic news!

Apparently it's a boy...


I also thought it was a defection.

Congratulations to David and Sam.

The blast from the past tomorrow should be great fun.

And William Hague will do PMQs before leaving for the USA. Hague versus Blair. Should be fun...

And then David Davis takes over as Leader nominally...well, he got there eventually!

Many congratulations on the safe delivery.

Now comes the question of the name. Tony? Benjamin? Ronald...?

And it will be interesting to see the effects of two weeks' paternity leave on the polls.

I too look forward to seeing Blair being utterly demolished by Hague on Wednesday.

Congrats to both of them. Good job it wasn't twins or the press would be calling them Flip and Flop.

As we all know, taking time off when things are a bit shaky at work (last week's PMQ's) the last thing you need is your star performer to cover for you.

Looking forward to watching Hague tomorrow. I'd love him to ask Blair what % of identity fraud he thinks his ID cards will solve or that Apacs put the full figure at just 37 million not 1.7bn


Congrats to the Camerons.

When someone misses PMQs their opposite number sits out as well, so Hague will actually be against...Prescott.

I'm getting popcorn.

I thought the rule was more than that...if Cameron pulls out and Hague takes over, Hagues opposite number is the Governments slot...Jack Straw? I thought that was the way it went...

Benito has a nice ring to it!
Congratulations to both David & Samantha and I hope they come up with a better name than their friends(?)at Conservativehome!
If you read this Mr Cameron choose Ken Clarke for PMQs tomorrow,he'll flatten Blair for you.

"When someone misses PMQs their opposite number sits out as well, so Hague will actually be against...Prescott."


It is Prime Minister's Questions, so MPs will get the chance to question the PM regardless of whether the Leader of the Opposition leader is there or not.

It's only when the PM himself is away that the other parties start sending deputies etc - which has always struck me as a bit odd.

So it will be Blair vs Hague tomorrow.

Jonathan Isaby notes that four Tory MPs will have had babies within three weeks.
Are elections aphrodisiacs?!

best wishes and fingers crossed for the camerons.

Ah how lovely I'm feeling all broody

no I'm over it

Seriously many congratulations to all the Camerons (William is my guess).

Congratulations to the happy couple.

NOW - this is where the Editor's globetrotting comes into its own.

Open-source christening
Harness the power of the worldwide web. The CH survey was only 1% out on predicting the leadership election (as we keep being told) - how accurate will be it be in predicting the name of young Master Cameron? Think of it as a very large, very badly-managed focus group.

Because, after all, we mustn't forget what's really important: what are the implications of this news for the Conservative Party, its re-branding, the Policy Groups, sales of chocolate oranges, etc. etc.

"David" would be the safe option: but surely the Camerons need to take risks at this stage in the baptismal cycle?
"Tony" builds on the Heir To Blair theme, but can they afford to alienate traditionalists?
"Norman" would be a gracious olive branch, but would it raise fears of a reversion to a core vote strategy?
"Winston" plays to the anti-EPP Eurosceptics but won't win friends in Curtisland.
"Kylie" is probably a shade too aggressive in its courting of metrosexual metropolitan liberal support.

Sporting coves could probably find very attractive odds for "Mahatma", but personally I've always thought that "William" conjures up the right connotations of soundness, flair, wit, charm, reliability, intelligence.....

Just go for Jack, will please the 24 fans.


With my strange little hobby, I could not resist doing some calculations. 14th Feb 2006, "just before midday" Baby Cameron has gemini as his rising sign - chatty, Sun in Aquarius - quirky,moon in Virgo - analytical. That will do for now! Congratulations to the family.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Cameron on the safe arrival of their son. As far as names go, I've always been partial to Alastair personally. ;o)

"Jonathan Isaby notes that four Tory MPs will have had babies within three weeks".

I think you mean that their wives have had the babies, Sam.

"Are elections aphrodisiacs?!"

It is highly unlikely that that MPs abstain during elections.

Well done and best wishes for them all.

My vote would go on James. Jamie Cameron... It has a ring to it.

How about Gideon? He can change it George later.

I will bet it's not Anthony!


James is a good name...solid, still popular, has connotations of royalty. Also of course he would then be the namesake of the famous film director James Cameron!

James is indeed a classy name for the boy Cameron.

Best wishes to Sam and Dave. At least he didn't announce: 'We have become a father'.

All this name-guessing is academic as whatever Dave names the littl'un now, he'll change his mind and name it something else in a few months.

Congrats to the Camerons. Plenty of sleepless nights coming!

Hague v Blair. Hague will have him on toast. I will be in the car travelling to Oxford, so I may get to listen to it.

Wonderful news! Congratulations to the family! Tom is a good solid name, but in my experience most Etonians are called Oliver. That or Octavius.

Congratulations to the Camerons, excellent news.

Congratulations David & Samantha! Hope baby and mum are well!

Congratulations to the Camerons. If it were the Beckams the lad would be called Valentine!!!

It seems the baby was born by Caesarean section. I hope that means that Mrs Cameron wont be castigated by certain sections of the press as being "too posh to push"...

Verulamgal,that was totally unneccessary, and somewhat thoughtless. Surely you can remember that David and Samantha's first child has cerebral palsy, and was probably an emergency c/s. As a retired nurse, midwife, health visitor, may I inform him that in such instance, it is only good obstetric practice, not to put any future babies at similar risk. I think an apology is due from him to the Camerons forthwith!

Hearty congratulations to the proud parents.
My suggestion for a name: Webster (webcam for short).

My betting would go for Tarquin or Octavius, maybe Oliver if he's lucky. Either these or some even more new age type name. Should be Michael, after all it's Howard's decision for a long leadership election that lead to Cameron's rise.

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