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Stewart Jackson's comment is wholly spurious. Most of the improvement he's talking about occurred under Michael Howard's leadership. Cameron cannot claim the credit for a 13 point swing over five years...

The Cameron honeymoon link actually send you to the Law and Justice thread.

I thought Hagues speech was more important than that of Fox from the standpoint of the future of the Conservative party.
It accepted the political realities that huge mistakes have been made in Iraq and also that Bush is very unpopular(a lost cause?) in Great Britain.A brave speech given the circumstances but there has been no comment at all on how the Americans have reacted to it .

Thanks Chris - the link is now good.

Malcolm - you and I have different views on Iraq which probably explains why we prefer the two different speeches! I haven't seen any US comment on the Hague speech.

"All those regular visitors who have written personal profiles for the new community blog."

What happened to Peter Cuthbertson's profile? It was there one minute, gone the next!

It'll go up tmrw, DVA.

I agree Fox is the man of the moment, well done CH for spotting it.

There was a sense of demotion about Liam Fox being given the Shadow Defence post however I suspect we might find that the Hague-Fox pairing in foreign affairs one of the most significant appointments of Cameron's leadership.

The pairing of these two avowedly hawkish/euro-sceptic MPs gives the party's foreign affairs position a distinctly right-wing flavour, more so than any other area of policy to date.

While the media saw the Fox appointment as a demotion I wonder if in reality he is actually one of the influential MPs in Cameron's Shadow Cabinet?

I think you misunderstood me Editor,Iraq has nothing to do with it.Fox speech was sensible if predictable,Hagues speech in my opinion was anything but predictable.I had expected him to praise the US to the hilt but he didn't! This speech would have been suprising if delivered in London .The fact that he was brave enough to give it in Washington shows courage and in my opinion a degree of honesty that has been sadly lacking in our foreign policy speeches in recent years.

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