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No mention of the Danish Cartoons row?

Irrespective of the virtues of either sides arguements there is a good report in de Speigel on how this row was built up by a Danish Muslim group taking a dossier around Muslim capitals. They claim it was because of Danish ignoring their issues - but interesting that a group of Danish citizens should so damage their countries interests.

Reports in UK media don't seem either to examine the background, how row spread, why European Newspapers re-printed (not I would think to offend but to show solidarity with fellow Europeans under threat) - only reported in terms of religious hatred.

This "Review" is very good. I think you should put even more effort into it and make it one of the main features of the site. Obviously if it becomes too big then it defeats its purpose, but maybe a little bit more recognition for the comment-debate - not just single comment of the week but often there's a string of comments which, if edited down to the essentials, gives a real flavour of a topic being explored.

Welcome back Bux ,you have been missed.

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