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Quite frankly, I don't care. Why all the obsession about the Lib Dems? I thought this is the Tory Diary?

Goldie's being unfair. It's clearly relevant what the enemy get up to. I would expect threads on 'how to beat Labour' or 'UKIP threat to Tory heartlands' or 'Monster Raving Loonies deny flip-flop allegations', and generally the High Englightened Editor covers them from the point of view of the implications for the Tories.

I'd be very interested in knowing more about the Lib Dems. Soon we might have to set up reception centres to process all the asylum seekers...

“Quite frankly, I don't care. Why all the obsession about the Lib Dems? I thought this is the Tory Diary?”

Let me give you some background Goldie. It’s important because the Liberal Democrats are the third party in British politics. So the leader that they choose will thus influence the future direction of the party.... Strangely that matters to the Tory Party quite considerably in their quest for power.. A swing to the left could help us considerably in the Southwest....

Interseting to note that "Changing the voting system for the House of Commons", probably the issue most associated with them, is only #5 on the list.
Their Europhile idiocy only #11

The number one issue, could offer us some good opportunities though. We should collaborate with them on Civil Liberties issues.

I'm not sure Andrew, if the Lib Dems move to the right - would not voters be more likely to vote for the 'real deal' with the Conservatives.

If the Lib Dems move to the left they might look like a distinct alternative. Public sector workers, students and the trendy middle classes could be tempted.

I would have said that the top Lib Dem priority is:

Keeping the Conservatives out of office and/or out of power. The Lib Dems are just an anti-Conservative party (and so is Labour really.) The Lib Dems have no reason to exist other than to oppose the Conservative party - and their miserable little members have nothing better to do than attempt to oppose everything that is sensible, right and in the interest of this country.

I disagree completely that the Libdems are the 'enemy' ; this has always been Labour if anybody.

I for one, wish to have choice as a voter, so the winner of this contest is important.

What are you talking about Matthew? The Lib Dems are the enemy in many constituencies. I doubt there is a single Lib Dem who doesn't believe the Conservatives are they enemy.

Improving pensions only 18%!

Not many private sector workers in the Lib Dems' membership poll then that are relying on private pension providers. Or are they already retired I wonder? Was there any indication of age banding?

Chris Who, Biman Hughes or the Ming Thing.
What a choice. If Cameron can't wipe the floor with any of them he's definitely a flop who's flipped.

JohnC wrote "Biman Hughes..."

I think that is starting to verge on the out of line... I don't recall that even the tabloids came up with something so low and childish at the time, did they?

I really hope that is a line of attack we don't go with!

RC is right, johnC... let's lift the tone a little...

What we want is someone who'll attract the left wing votes in Northern constituencies - splitting the anti-Tory vote there - while driving away South West & Home County right leaning Libs into the waiting & receptive arms of Cams Conservatives.
Cons 39% Lab 30% Lib 22% = Cameron at number 10 (just)
Cons 40% Lab 35% Lib 16% = Labour biggest party = Lab/Lib pact

Huhne looks btter placed to deliver the first....

What if Huhne wins and declares himself a conservative liberal? :-)

A party which puts civil liberties miles ahead of tackling crime and improving schools and improving our economy etc etc. is the enemy in my view.

Civil liberties is such a terribly 'nice' issue; it is the ultimate in "feel good act smug don't really help anyone but make yourself feel nice" politics.

Let us hope they elect someone who is to the economic left and ultra socially liberal who can hopefully drive sensible people into our arms. Alas Simon Hughes fibs seem to have caught up with him - if only we'd found out a year or two later...

"What if Huhne wins and declares himself a conservative liberal?" - Chad

Did you watch Question Time? He won't say such a thing. He's a raving socialist.

This poll shows what a bunch of fruit cakes the Lib Dems are - Britain's economy hardly registers at all and 'reducing poverty in less developed countries' is bottom. We can only hope that this lot do not ever get any power.

Aye, and they're the people Maude and Cameron want us to jump into bed with.

Who is the real enemy? At least the labour Party make no secret of their anti-Tory stand. The LD's are just plain sneaky. The post above that they are just an anti-Tory party is so true, but they don't have the guts to admit it.
Of course Labour is the real enemy, but even if we can't win the next election, the electoral destruction of the Lib Dems would be a nice consolation prize.
We have to devote our resources tactically - we are never going to destroy most safe Labour seats, but we could destroy many safe LD ones. That's where we should be targeting.

remember Huhne is targeting the activists - not the voters - so he campaigns on thoe things LD anoraks worry about.
One side benefit of DC's centre ground policies seems to be that while TB recognises the need to remain sufficiently attractive to the centre/centre right voter the LDs seem to be adopting the clear Blue water policy. The best result of this would be a swing from Labour to LDs in the celtic fringe & urban seats, while we see LD vote fall in South East/South West. We could then pick up some tasty seats.

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