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Tim, could you turn the picture above into a CHome postcard we can send to potential Gold List candidates with the question "whatyagohnadoabartit, eh?" ready printed on it. That'll sort them out.

Could not be bothered having cars crashing into my door.

Will a raised kerb really stop a lorry? Must be very very high kerb.

Stop worrying me, Robbo. It is quite high.

Is there not now an increased risk of drunks tripping over the raised curb and coming through the front window that way?

They'll fall into the railings, William. A problem for the NHS. Not me. Not very compassionate conservative, I'm afraid!

Wait until the health and saftey brigade hear about this. That curb has to be dangerous to pedestrians in some ridiculous way or other...

Looks like bad feng shui to me. Were the three drivers men?

They were, a-tracy.

I'm not surprised that Paul Goodman tops the list. He's one of the most intelligent and competent Conservatives in the House of Commons and would have a higher profile nationally if he didn't prefer hard work to grandstanding.

As for the situation in Salisbury, Robert Key obviously takes pavement politics very seriously (and literally).

And the gas leak? Risky living indeed by the Editor.

"Parliament's least savoury parties - Sinn Fein (20%) and Respect (7%) - had the poorest response rates"

In all fairness Mr Galloway must get *much* more mail than the average MP.

And the DUP are at least as unsavoury as SF IMHO (but that is a whole other kettle of haddock)

Given the activity of LibDems in the City Centre wards of Salisbury I am suprised that your lovelly curb hasn't featured in dozens of Focus newsletters.

In the 2001 Election, in my capacity as Sales Manager for a UK manufacturer of Cough Lozenges, I sent samples to both of the main party leaders, and Charles Kennedy, to aid them with their vocal chords for the upcoming hustings.

We received a personal letter of thanks from William Hague. (Presumably handled by his office, but personally signed). We received a letter of thanks from Tony Blair's office. (Fair enough, he was the PM and probably was quite busy!). And the Lib Dems? Not even an acknowledgement! Tells you something, I feel!.

Tim, are you sure that wasn't a picture of you parking your car? You can admit it to us. We are all friends here. :o)

If Comstock thinks the DUP (fundamentalist pro-British bigots who are exclusively non-violent) and Sinn Fein (fundamentalist anti-British bigots directly responsible for killing and maiming thousands of innocent people in a decades-long terrorist campaign) are as bad as each other then I think he's a morally confused idiot who has no place in the Conservative Party.

My MP, Laxton, is the highest of the Labour lot, no ammmunition for us here in Derby North on that front.

I would agree with you Tory T.

Mark Todds not doing too bad either which is a shame.


"Conservative Iain Liddell-Grainger was disqualified from the writetothem.com league table after sending five messages from a hotmail account. Site director Tom Steinberg said this had made his data "unreliable". But the MP said the messages had been sent to show the findings were "bunk" and "statistically inaccurate".

"Comstock thinks the DUP (fundamentalist pro-British bigots who are exclusively non-violent)"

Non violent? ha ha HA. I'm no expert on NI but what about the UDF UDA etc?

"I think he's a morally confused idiot who has no place in the Conservative Party."

Morally confused? No, I don't think so

Idiot? Proberbly. I'm a *harmless* sort of idiot though!!

Member of the Conservative Party? Never in a million years!

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