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Good. It's nice to see Cameron saying things like this.

Diversion of the billions that will be “wasted” on ID cards into “measures that will protect our security today”.

Yeah Right! The money has already been spent.
Co-incidentally, I just posted a comment related to this on my blog yesterday.
A friend of mine told me that her company has been working on and developing these ID cards for about 2 years now, and it's no big secret either.

I do not understand if this is a regular occurrence, i.e. money being spent on a scheme that is yet to receive parliamentary approval.

Can someone confirm if the government is allowed to do this? If not, we should be getting our MPs to ask questions on how much has been spent!

Biodun: Can someone confirm if the government is allowed to do this? If not, we should be getting our MPs to ask questions on how much has been spent!

It will all depend on the wording of the relevant parliamentary supply votes. I would imagine these are quite general, and the Home Office at present has a wide remit with five aims (click here for latest waffle-speak).

Any half decent lawyer could justify expenditure on a research programme to investigate the possibility of ID cards as a means of, for example, making people safer, or feeling safer - particularly if ID cards have been trailed as an 'idea worth exploring' in the annual Home Office Estimates debates.

What the Home Office cannot do is spend money preparatory for the full-scale implementation of ID cards prior to legislation enacting them. Although, a breach of the parliamentary vote is a matter to refer back to the Commons - and it's just possible the Commons might forgive the Government. Still, nice embarrassment value. And if Clarke is thinking of challenging Brown for the succession to Blair, he might be short of allies in any vote.

What is required, then, is further background research into the various parliamentary votes and what is actually happening on the ground. That sounds like an excellent role for an informed, committed webblog. Oh, if only there was one with an interest in this subject....

As one of Cameron's most ardent critics I have to say thet I welcome these comments.

Yes, well done Cameron.

I dissent. This article is totally empty on contents, just slogans I'm afraid.

Good move. At the Tory conference (is it soon?)

We really need a powerful speech by cameron, I think his position needs consolidating with a a fresh reminder to the public.

The spring conference is April 6th-8th I think Jaz.
As regards the speech ,well done Cameron.I'm also looking forward to seeing a lot of DD on the same subject this week.I hope he makes the most of his opportunity.

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