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"Not a great speech although it did include some very welcome extra investment in green technologies."

Well some of the commitments were very welcome (the extra investment in developing hydrogen fuel cells and biofuels for example) but the headline commitment to reduce oil imports from the Middle East by 75% over 20 years doesn't strike me as being particularly ambitious - by 2025, Middle Eastern oil supplies will be drying up anyway!

I'd also have to quibble with the citing of nuclear power as a possible clean alternative to relying on oil imports from unstable countries, on the grounds that nuclear power is not clean and is reliant on importing raw materials from other unstable countries.

Pleased he mentioned investment in alternative energy but agree with DVA on the 75% reduction - By 2025 the US will probably be importing most of its oil from the Venezuela or Canada as around 66% of oil reserves are locked up in tar sands and those countries having the majority of deposits.
Currently oil production from tar sands is in itself environmentally disastrous with destruction of the flora/fauna, CO2 emission during extraction and massive use of water. Against that Nuclear is much more immediately environmentally friendly (longer term issues remain).

The last US President to make similar comments was Jimmy Carter back in the 1970s. Back then he decided the best way forward was to raise the tax on fuel (which proved very unpopular). If Bush is serious about reducing reliance on Saudi Oil, he will also have to raise tax on fuel alongside his proposed assistance to new types of fuel. Incidentally this speech also opens up the issue of Artic drilling again.

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