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Done and Done.

This survey has reminded me that David Cameron's colleagues have been largely anonymous in the last six weeks. I can't fault the leader for his industry, but perhaps Davis, Fox, Clarke and others should have been given the chance to show that we're not a one man band.

I agree, the same thought occured to me too, I ended up putting midly satisfied for most of them because I hadnt heard thier name since.

I think the leadership election really brought out the best in Liam Fox, David Davis clearly connects with some too while George Osbourne saw his profile increase. While these faces are fresh in the minds of the public we are missing a chance if we do not give them some publicity.

I like the mention from somebody earlier about how we may end up changing our name to 'Cameron's Conservatives', as funny as this would be it would obviously be dangerous.

The challenge, I guess is making sure we maximise publicity to Cameron himself who is our best asset at this time, while also giving some coverage to the likes of Fox etc to go further on content.

I was ver pleased when we saw the two Davids on the news again for the police reform policy...

Brings a smile to your face. I think Cameron should have a 3-man team. Cameron-Davis-Osbourne..to tackle the Blair-Brown.

I think it should be Fox instead of Davis, Polls showed just before the 3rd round result that Fox was more popular with members as Davis was a dead man walking.

Davis has a place of course, but Fox is one of our brightest, experienced and youngest (thats not a contradiction) MP's.

Well said, I Couldn't agree more Matthew!

Letwin should be kept in the back office

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