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In one way, the fact some Lib Dems are peeling off to the Labour party is a good thing.

Cameron has so far wooed Lib Dem waverers, and some of his supporters (not him directly, I hasten to add) seem to think that the recreation of the Liberal Party from the 19th century should be the fundamental goal of his leadership.

Such a view would, IMO, be mistaken. Much of what DC has done has been positive (even if I don't agree with it all).

But we have to be serious about social justice and how Tory policies can help the poor by transforming the way we tackle poverty in the way IDS began to talk about doing, and by so doing attract wavering Labour voters as well as ex Lib Dems if we want to obtain the 43/44% that we need to win.

The tragedy is that when IDS and DC speak about the subject (witness last Weds) the journalists who wet themselves over an environmental commission remain remarkably unmoved. I hate to suggest it is because the media class are socially liberal but have about as much experience of poverty both personally and in their social circle as a snowman does of the Sahara desert, and don't really care that much. And the ones that do have already decided we are the evil mouthpieces of the rich. Ah well.

(I hang my head in shame at the DTelegraph's Poverty? What Poverty? leader piece, which Tim has already disassociated this blog from.)

I'm normally an optimist, but its a little disappointing that the Tories have not gained from LibDems poor performance

hmmm... Mixed messages. I think the move to Labour is softer than the move to us - a moderate Lib Dem recovery in the polls should see us retake the lead. I'd like to see us reach the 40% mark in a reliable poll (YouGov or ICM) in the next couple of months. Hopefully the education bill will throw Labour into disarray, and the Tories will look like the only united and credible party.

Slightly worrying that Labour are up 4% as a result of Lib Dem losses. Though I suspect those that moved are the "we will never vote Conservative" type or those that voted Lib Dem as an Iraq war protest and are now just going back.

This glass half-full/hall-empty thing always gets me. I'm being really picky here, but we don't go around saying, "I'm 30 years young," or "how young are you?" meaning that anyone who says "how old are you?" is being pessimistic. It's a turn of phrase more often than it is a line of thought.

When was the last time we were on 39%? WOW! Bit dissapointing to see Labout +4... dont really understand that one...?

Though I suppose it could be those anti-war blairites who have forgotten his mass deception of the public and International community?!

A collapse in the Lib Dem support was always going to benefit Labour more than Cosn