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Does this mean that, as a 'supporter' but non-member, you're not including my responses in the results?

If you put yourself down as such, yes.
We'll see tomorrow if there is much divergence between the two groups, although the vast majority of those polled were members.

Sam don't ask us to contribute if you aren't going to use our views remember we aren't the ones 100% convinced already, the danger of only listening to people who think the same as you is the danger of not being able to get your points across to the people whose votes you need to attract.

I was surprised to read that you banned Mike Smith if conservative contributors can't deflect his blows on this site and answer his points of view what chance have you got of winning the next election, don't you think it is important to know the opinion of the people you're fighting?

It is this sort of intolerant approach to politics that the Labour party have instigated over the past decade that have turned people away from expressing their opinions. This pc world is destroying our freedom of speech.

a-tracy, 'supporters' views will be published tomorrow, they are as welcome as anyone's.

Publishing in seperate groups is partly because the vast majority of contributors are members - a clearly defined group - so it doesn't make sense to skew the results with a much smaller and less tangible group.

This site is nothing if not a champion for the views of the average member/supporter - its opposition to disenfranchising the vote of party members was instrumental, and its readers concerns about the A List is well noted. Indeed, many of the top dogs in the party use this site daily to keep tabs on the thoughts and feelings of party supporters. Not only that but, as you will see increasingly when the Ed gets back from his trip, we are about fostering a wider conservative movement which is bigger than the party (see EU Serf's post in Platform) and its official members.

We don't filter comments or ban users unless they breach site policy on racism etc - this keeps it open whilst preserving a quality like that of the filtered comments in BBC Have Your Say sections.

The whole idea of Conservative Home and webroots in general is the absolute antithesis of New Labour's centralised, authoritarian approach to managing a political party, I hope you would agree.

Quite so and an excellent site it is.

Spot on Sam - exciting times for conservativehome me thinks!

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