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Come on, Cameron's quip about Blair coming in to politics to soak the rich and ban the bomb, but ending up sucking up to the rich and dropping bombs had me in stitches. One of the funniest things I've heard in PMQ for a while!

They steered clear of the LibDem leadership contest predictably, although I expected some kind of metaphor with the deceased whale of the Thames!

I'm glad they didn't, it would have been punch-and-judy politics of the very lowest sort. Given the shocking news over the weekend, it would have severe bad form and rather tasteless to have made political capital of the tragic difficutlies of a respected, loved and admired public servant like the dead whale.

You're quite right Mike!
That was a great line, i'll add it in.

It was a good PMQs for Cameron, I thought. Blair can still hold his own but he's starting to come across as a little sanctimonious and oh so slightly desperate.

Let's face it, anything that involves laughing at John Prescott is going to bring up that odd mix of hilarity and rage that this buffoon still has a job!

Cameron's manner, and the direction of his questions will set him in good stead methinks.

I thought thw whale was Soames taking a dip in the Thames.

Im a little worried about how Cameron is going for education and foreign policy again. He needs to ask about the NHS, another big issue, similarly the economy. Eventually hes going to have to just go for it. He needs to spray the bullets around.

Camerons doing well at PMQs...perhaps its due to the 10 sugars he has. Forget Hagues 14 pints...weve got 10 sugars Cameron!

It was Hague who told him to have 10 sugars though wasn't it?

"It was Hague who told him to have 10 sugars though wasn't it?" - Sam Coates

Apparently so. Someone mentioned it a while back.

Yeah. I think it was the first or second appearance it was mentioned. Apparently having so much sugar it coats the throat so the voice doesnt come across screechy or harsh in the Chamber. It sounds like good advice. However, you shouldnt have 10 sugars in your tea regularly. It must taste revolting.

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