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Is the importance of PMQs being overstated here? Ming wasn't great but so what.
I still hope Hughes wins 'though.Better for us by far.

Huhne is my local MP and he doesn't seem anything special. He's also sitting on a very fragile 568 majority in a region that is broadly supportive of Cameron. Decapitation may yet revisit the Lib Dems...

I see you neglected to mention John Hemming yet again, probably deliberately in order to trick the Liberal Democrats into an error of omission. Tut.

DVA - apparently Mr Hemming has decided to withdraw; can't we bolster his support somehow (as LD Mps can nominate as many as they want to)

He's also sitting on a very fragile 568 majority in a region that is broadly supportive of Cameron

That would be Eastleigh I guess.

May I ask how you can actually claim to be aware that your region is 'broadly supportive of Cameron'?

A somewhat presumptious statement I should have thought.

We need a pro-market Lib Dem leader to stop the recent leftward of the Conservative Party. I was hoping that David Laws would stand.

I meant to say 'receptive to Cameron', and it's the demographics of the constituency that justify the comment. Also, anecdotally, while socializing (in smokey Eastleigh pubs) I've been surprised at the revived interest in politics and the number of people Cameron has won over. Do you have different experience?

Huhne had a majority of 568 (helped by a UKIP vote of 1,600). I’m sure he’s very nervous of what Cameron means to his fragile majority.

it's the demographics of the constituency that justify the comment

I can't imagine that the 'demographics' of any constituency would justify such a comment. I might as well say that my region is 'broadly supportive of Davis' and it would be an equally ridiculous plucked out of thin air.

Do you have different experience?

My experience is that people who try talking politics in pubs, smokey or otherwise, usually end up talking to themselves.

Or in your case possibly some fellow-bore who has found a soulmate.

No I don't detect any special interest in politics in general or Cameron in particular. You are simply seeing what you want to see.

The Ming Dynasty appears to be over, even before it started.

I wouldn't have said that his HoC performance was a Davis moment though. Davis said all the right things; it was just that another candidate (David Cameron) put in a far better performance. In the HoC yesterday, Ming was ill-prepared, but at the same time Hughes didn't do much better.

"I might as well say that my region is 'broadly supportive of Davis' and it would be an equally ridiculous plucked out of thin air."

No, Davis lost by 2 votes to 1 so, even within his own party, he didn't have broad support.

"DVA - apparently Mr Hemming has decided to withdraw; can't we bolster his support somehow (as LD Mps can nominate as many as they want to)."

I've checked my sources, and John has not yet withdrawn his candidature - he has, however, magnanimously signed nomination papers for Mark Oaten and has said he is prepared to do so for Simon Hughes and Chris Huhne as well. I suspect this is a cunning plan on John's part to split the 'stop Hemming' vote.

As for bolstering his support, trust me, I am doing my utmost to help John be elected to his rightful place as the leader the Liberal Demoprats deserve.

It must be Hemming. I think this blog should rally round him.

If you live in a Lib Dem seat write to your MP in support of Hemming, its got to be worth a try.

Hemming has pulled out, but there may be mileage in this one:


It's just possible that this site is even more unofficial than the great "Hemming's Way" blog - but worth our support. How do you start a log rolling?

It's worth pointing out that Huhne is a major league Eurofanatic. His Ken Clarke-style idolatry of the EU would provide endless opportunities for the Tories. I'm also surprised that little has been said so far about the euro opinions of Ming the Meaningless.

of course Demographics of any constituency make a massive difference to what candidates they may be supportive/receptive of ; this must be the one of the first things studied by campaign managers.

Anyway, I think I'd have prefered either Laws to stand, because he's a good bloke who we could work well with , or Simon Hughes who will take the party down the gutter.

What about Nick Clegg, sorry if I'm not up to date, but I thought he was one of the up and coming Lib Dems?

Who is Chris Huhne? He certainly wont be leader as not a single member of the public will have heard of him.

"Hemming has pulled out"

Ignoring all the jokes that can be made based on that statement, it is not yet true. Somebody posted the same rumour on his Wikipedia article, despite the fact that John has clearly stated that he won't be making a decision until the weekend at the earliest.

Chris Huhne? Are they serious?

Oh, don't worry, I've just realised that last question doesn't even need an answer...

Chris Huhne standing means that the "Orange Pact" will have collapsed. Nick Clegg and Dave laws backed Ming thinking that their generation would fight it out after the next general election. Huhne and Oaten change that. Expect Clegg to declare soon.

If he wins, it'll blow the Cameron triangulation strategy out of the water!

Chris Huhne is a lot older than Clegg. He doesn't represent a challenge to his long term prospects.

IMO he represents a serious threat to Cameron's strategy (no doubt music to some of this site's ears). Cameron's platitudes about the environment etc will not look credible when faced with a genuine believer. And faced with this roadblock the cries of the dissenters in the Tory party will grow louder with greater credibility.

As for his "euro-fanaticism". I don't expect Cameron's wants to mention Europe once between now and the next general election. The EPP promise was just a sop to close the whole issue down completely.

As for the guy who said Huhne can't win "because he's unknown". Er, of course. Never happened before in a major political party.

It hasn't happened in a mjor political party... this year.

So let's get this straight:
* Labour picked Blair because he was the candidate most like a Tory
* The Tories picked Cameron because he was the candidate most like Blair
* The Liberals are toying with the idea of picking Clegg because he's the candidate most like Cameron

Presumably someone in the Labour Party is looking for someone who's most like Clegg. Miliband?

You know you're getting older when the party leaders start looking younger...

A Huhne leadership would not be good news. He is a presentable centrist candidate ideally suited to glossing over the internal contradictions of Lib Demery.

Can they really elect someone with so slim a majority though? I know he would benefit from the leadership boost but he's sitting on an incredibly rocky seat.

Guido says that Clegg is taking soundings. A victory for him would screw up the Cameroon triangulation strategy. Vote Nick for real Conservatism!

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