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"Having read Matthew's article twice I'm not convinced as to why... although Mr Clegg apparently comes over well on a TV with the volume off."

Then he truly is their David Cameron! Surely you remember the eve of conference poll which riased the profile of Cameron's candidacy, where people had liked the look of him on a silent film...

Apologies for the following idiot-boy questions...

Is the 'Orange Book' actually a book?
If so has anyone read it?
Is it widely available?

Indeed it is a book. And no, I haven't read it.

Don't forget John Hemming!

The big problem to Clegg became apparent to me when I saw him interviewed the other day. He's David Cameron. I don't mean politically, although from the sounds of it that too, but his rhythms of speech, that acute earnestness, the language, even the pitch of his voice is eerily like the main public school collaborators in Cameron's Conservative project. If you're not selling sufficiently different policies, you need to sell a distinct personality, and I don't believe Clegg is capable of distinguishing himself from the much more famous Cameron. He looks, talks and by all accounts thinks very similar. For both the Conservatives and the LibDems, it would be a bit of a disaster to have a Cameron mini-me, no matter what other fine qualities and strong views he may possess.

Rob C, not stupid questions at all.

The Orange Book was published about 2 years ago. I'm currently reading it at the moment and it would be perfectly possible to buy a copy on the net, it's in the mainstream.

According to the BBC, Simon Hughes is down to ask a question at PMQs too - so that's another one for Sam Coates to look out for.

Sam - it would also be good to hear how DC does admidst all the Lib Dem excitement. Let's not forget who is the main attraction and who, in the end, is a sideshow.

Simon Hughes will run. Bit sad to see that the BBC is saying Simon Hughes is down to ask a question. Why make it a spectacle by giving the Lib Dem problems a platform? This is Parliament for heavens sake.

Here are the details for the Orange Book.
Apparently it is currently out of print.

Orange Book: Reclaiming Liberalism
Editors: Paul Marshall, David Laws
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: September 2004
Product Details:
ISBN: 1861977972
Format: Paperback, 224pp
Pub. Date: September 2004
Publisher: Profile Books Limited

If the Lib Dems need Nick Clegg, we do not. I think he described himself as "mini-Ming" on Newsnight the other night. He is a slick operator and earned respect while he was a MEP in the East Midlands. He should be watched but not encouraged. The Lib Dems should stay loony and elect Simon Hughes.

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