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I heard Hain's disgusting attempt to justify this loathsome piece of legislation and its withdrawl once it didn't suit Sinn Fein on PM last night.

Was it just me or did his clumsy phrasing imply that members of the security forces had been involved in serious terrorist acts. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and put that down to incoherence.

Anyone know where I can get a transcript?

I had another shouting at the radio moment when he started going on about how the citizens of Northern Ireland were not ready to overlook the crimes of the 'on-the'runs'.

They aren't the only ones.

The idea that the families of the victims of atrocities should be happy with the thought that those who murdered their loved ones have a criminal record, a line on a page, as the sum total of the punishment for their crimes is an absolute insult.

It turns my stomach every time Blair tries to destory our liberty in an ironic attempt to stop terrorist from destroying it. More so knowing that some of the alleged leaders of the most sustained terrorist campaign this country has ever seen are happily sitting in regional government in this country and that the government is seeking to virtually wipe the slate clean for some of the perpetrators of the worst attacks on this country.

Despite continuing close competition from the redoubtable Miss Kelly, Peter Hain is my nomination for minister of the day.

The odd thing is, Peter Hain appears to get away with this behaviour.I would have expected howls of outrage throughout the media and on the airwaves,where is it?

They are distracted by the orange corner sideshow.

Bring it on Lidington!

Get behind him everyone else!

"The odd thing is, Peter Hain appears to get away with this behaviour.I would have expected howls of outrage throughout the media and on the airwaves,where is it?"

It isn't just Hain, 'peace' in Northern Ireland is part of Blair's 'legacy'. Under successive secrataries of state Blair has been keen to maintain the illusion that the IRA and other paramilitaries are no longer in business, turning a blind eye to beatings, robberies organised crime and murder whilst at the same time freeing dangerous terrorists from prison.

Tories need to show, once again, that they are firmly behind Loyal Ulster.

FCS proved it years ago. I was a member of the team which went to Ulster to show solidarity then. We need to do the same now.

No surrender!

The really disgusting thing here is that all the other political parties were against this both Unionist (UUP & DUP) and nationalist (SDLP) and the Alliance but the government only changed its mind once Sein Fein came out against it.

Time and time again the government ignores the wishes of the Northern Irish people and only listens to Sein Fein/ IRA. The Labour government is only interested in headline terorism and frankly and upsettingly that means attacks on England. They treat killings, maimings and gang land activities as irrelevant as long as they are kept in N Ireland. Ut is without doubt institutionalised racism.

Liddington is right - the Conservatives have finally got a good and sensible policy on Northern Ireland one that actually resonates with the people and defends those who are non violent and democratic. My greatest wish is that we as a party could organise in Ulster properly and capitalise on the demise of the UUP. A conservative party with the Cameron factor could do great things in N Ireland and change politics there long term.

BB - facile comments about 'Loyal Ulster' and 'No surrender' only cheapen the debate and leave conservative unionsits open to attack as empire loving bigots. This debate is about a commitment to democracy, respect for the rule of law and the wishes of the majority not about harking back to the past.

Robert, Mark Durkan has drawn attention several times to the fact that the political representatives of 78% of Northern Ireland's voters just get sidelined as a result of direct negotiations between the government and Sinn Fein.

Thanks to the British army the IRA were on the ropes in the 1990s. Any sensible Conservative and Unionist Government with guts would have held its nerve and finished them off. Instead the brave Mr Major decided to throw them a lifeline in the form of a peace treaty.

I recall an opinion poll shortly after 9/11 where the majority of respondents said the IRA ought to be dealt with in the same way as a certain Muslim terrorist organisation operating from Afghanistan. So much for the War Against Terrorism.

Sean - I agree with you the govt. repeatly ignores the wishes of 78% to do deals with terrorists. Mark Durkan has been much stronger against SF than Hume ever was.

Given the degree of infiltration of the IRA by the security forces, I agree they could have been finished off 15 years ago.

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