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I am afraid I can't make it tonight but it does raise another question.
Please could you and Tim organise a Conservative Home event / speech by DC.
I am sure that CH bloggers would make a fine audience, especially for some high profile policy announcement.
I would have thought that the combination of his profile and that of CH would make for a very appealing evening.
Time for us to get up from our keyboards and do our bit to show where the party is going.

I'll be there tonight Sam and I'll look forward to seeing you again.Can you tell me if Kennington is the nearest tube station?


I've emailed you with the tube station (the venue is still a bit hush hush)

I will be there, but have to slip away quickly at the end I am sorry to say.

I am not going to the event but I am in London that day so I will pop into the Horse Bar to have a word and a few drinks - should be good. I hope Cllr Lindley is going, i should like to have a chat with him. I wonder if he is so cocky when face to face with a 6'2 Rugby player.

So is it going to turn into ConservativeHome Fight Club?

if Cllr Ian requires support I can always send my two 6'4" rugby playing nephews to assist him providing he coughs up the beer to keep them happy :-)
and at cost of another beer or two their equally well built (though at 6'3"" not as tall) ex no 8 Dad could accompany them....

"I am not going to the event but I am in London that day"

Since "that" day is today, you've probably missed the boat. But it doesn't surprise me to read that you're a bully as well as an idiot.

Those of us who arent blessed with living anywhere near London cant afford to travel such a long way. However it would be interesting to see the people behind the comments. Perhaps as a sideline to the next ConservativeDemocracy survey, you can find out more about the demographics of the bloggers on this site. Average Age, Income etc.

I wasn't going to come but the prospect of the extremely unpleasant and negative presence of Mr Hustings (did you see his obnoxious comments about Tim?) is drawing me to the horse. I want to be on hand if he tries to throw his weight around...

You leave Iain alone, he's an alright guy!! He lives in Salford tohugh so i'll ddoubt he'll be there. I will though!! Looking forward to it!

Sorry, I'm confusing John Hustings with John Coulson - an easy mistake to make, given that both of them are dementedly anti-Cameron...

Come to the Horse if you think you're hard enough! Seriously, I'll be there and look forward to meeting you all.
BTW Tory T,I think you mean John Coulson not Hustings.

I was going to post earlier that it might be a mistake to invite John Coulson to the same location as Iain Lindley, but I see the delightful Coulson pre-empted me. Others to look out for: James Hellyer vs Malcolm Dunn, Mark Fulford vs Barbara Villiers and me vs Jack Stone!

Surely it's everyone except Mark Fulford vs Jack Stone?

It would be interesting to hear whether Jack Stone drops his "h's" when he speaks.

Dammit - wish I'd looked earlier and seen there was going to be a rugby players gathering. Now, there's a way to attract more women to the Party - especially if you can find a few firefighters......

Is this yet another London event?

We are a rare breed I am afraid. Young, handsome, charming rugby players who are also Conservative Party members. Well known for our modesty as well....

It is quite frustrating being so far away from London. It excludes us from many key events. If the Conservative Party is serious about reclaiming 'tup north, perhaps they should hold more key events up here. Maybe Conservativehome could lead the way?

"If the Conservative Party is serious about reclaiming 'tup north, perhaps they should hold more key events up here. Maybe Conservativehome could lead the way?"

Ditto for Wales.

Absolutly, Somewhere like Birmingham is always quite a neutral location, or Derby has good links to many places.

Either that or advance notice for a 'proper' event, an all day kind of Job with maybe something else on apart from drinking.

It was a very pleasant evening.No fights and we couldn't find Coulson anywhere!More importantly who was that well known blogger snogging the gorgeous blonde?

Its true most of the new policy briefs have been exposed down south on visits to the community. I thought DC wanted support elsewhere given the hustings profiles and quoting labour councils is one thing changing them is another1

Snogging gorgeous blondes is also known as forming coalitions

I'm sure David Cameron would be delighted with such new coilition partners, what with the quest to 'improve the party's image'

Not that I am biased or anything, but Manchester might be a good location. Right in the heart of Labour strongholds where the Communist Manifesto was written. Would be a great gesture.

(would save me a lot of travel time as well)

Rob, I know how you feel about London-centricity as I have until recently been based in Liverpool (I travelled from there today to get to the speech, and am now on the bus to my Oxford flat!). Manchester is a great city, although I would argue that ConHome is already leading the way in getting activists from all corners of the country engaged in the party.

Malcolm, Mark, Frank, James, Rob, Peter, Andrew, Jonathan etc - it was a good night! Interesting experience being in a passionate midnight discussion about the party with some people you haven't met before!

Malcolm: she wasn't a blonde! (we're not talking about me by the way)

Unfortunately I didn't check the blog yesterday afternoon so didn't know about the meet up. I thought the speech was excellent thought, Dave particularly shone during the question and answer section.

I also thought IDS was good too.This was the first time I had heard him speak 'live' and he came across far,far better than he did at Conference.Perhaps his new role is proving to be far more congenial.

Duncan Smith waa a thoroughly decent leader who deserved the massed support we gave him at the conference that year.

How was it that treacherous and underhand MPs were able to undermine and destroy this decent family man?

Out of curiosity, who was it who pulled the gorgeous blonde/not blonde?

Well it's none of our business, but she is 18 yrs old (not blonde) and he is middle-aged. I'm not saying who they were.

We're turning into an agressive, gossipy lot all of a sudden! The testerone in this conversation earlier on was very amusing!

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