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In an odd and slightly perverse sort of way, reporting this fact simply underlines to their readers that Cameron is making the Party change and is prepared to lead difficult decisions. In certain quarters, namely among those who used to vote for us but don't now, he and the Party will appear more attractive.

Way to go!

You should be very proud of this Tim.It's taken quite a while but this weblog is now getting the recognition it deserves.

I agree. As someone whos work takes him away from the sort of political participation that my London friends enjoy, i've found ConservativeHome an enjoyable way to keep involved with the political debate. It's a fantastic site and I think what I like most is it never dumbs down it's debate.

As a member of Conservatives Abroad I can only endorse what has been written so far.Conservative Home is a great site, full of lively(!)debate and for those of us overseas it is an excellent means of keeping up to date with Party developments.

Thanks Tim

No doubt about it, this site is now the unofficial voice of the Conservative activist. It would be very interesting to see a hit counter, as I suspect you get an enormous number of readers. The reason is obvious; it's because you update frequently with high quality material. You also have a good variety of intersting and informed contributors. Congratulations, Tim, you deserve your success. You should definitely be on a gold list!

Well done, indeed.

This is a very good site. So good in fact that the Conservative Policy Forum users appear to see this site as being the leader in terms of discussion about policy. Their idea is to compete, though I cant possibly imagine how that would work.

Excellent site. Could you help to improve the official Conservative site. It looks a bit tired.

Tim, Are you planning to issue shares. I will buy some.

thanks everyone. the site is a success because of the quality of the comments and the fact that there are now more than 2,500 members of the panel. so thank you all...

Do you apply any weighting to the panel's outputs, or is it an "as it comes" survey?

This is a great example of Conservative Home's success. I hope however it is only just the beginning.

"Congratulations, Tim, you deserve your success. You should definitely be on a gold list!"

I'll second this nomination - I was thinking just the same the other day.

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