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Lord Luke is only names as Shadow Secretary on the "ministers" page. On the Shadow Cabinet page he's still in post.

CCO's really gone down hill since Cameron took over. Must be a failure of management ;-)

Editor please stop with the anti-Spelman comments. She is asking probing quesions about the fire and coming across well.

Sorry, Clare, but I agree with our Editor on this one. Her performance on Newsnight made me squirm.

Keep the pro-Penning stuff up! That was one quality team IDS had round him.

Neither Spelman nor May is very impressive.

Mike Penning has done well. It's refreshing to see a normal guy (an ex-fireman himself) representing both his constituents and the Conservative Party so well. Much better than some plummy barrister whose only experience of fires is warming his bum at the hearth of some country house.

Couldn't agree more Tim. Mike has been a great spokesman for both his constituency and the Party. Perhaps our candidate selection works...

Also agree with the points about Caroline Spelman. One of our problems seems to be that our front-benchers like to go in feet first demanding answers (often to irrelevant questions) rather than keeping quiet for a few days and assesing the situation.

I agree with your comments about boith Mike Penning and Caroline Spelman. She is far from impressive. Why is she in the Shadow Cabinet at all? During the General Election campaign, when there was a debate over the closure of Longbridge, she heaped self-righteous indignation on Patricia Hewitt when it was blindingly obvious that a Tory Government would have done no different from Labour, not least because of EU rules on state aid. The attack was an entirely opportunistic attempt to attack Labour from the left, echoed of course by the Lib Dems John Hemming.

As a Hemel resident, researching the portrayal of Mike Penning especially in new media. I would like to know how you guage his concern for Hemel residents. I especially ask this in light of his over concern for marking public holidays of historical Queens and other subjects, whilst until 2006 neglecting local issues. Please reference such statements.

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