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Looks from that picture that Cameron could do with some Botox round the eyes.

John Kerry could put him in touch with someone who can do that for him, Rob: http://www.botoxkerry.com/

I hope we will also start paying some more attention to Cameron's policies.

I understand he is planning to abandon a previous, and very sound & sensible, conservative policy to return fisheries from the EU to the nation states.

I disagree vehemently if that is Cameron's intention and think it sends a very, very wrong signal.

Blairs intention to give away our rebate unilaterally is a great opportunity for Hague. Stick it to him Hague! Cutting our rebate with nothing in return just to bribe the new EU members is ridiculous. Blairs a complete failure and his time is coming. If he cant close down a deal he's going to find it much harder for him to stay.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA what a great cover!

The sad thing is, they seem to have a point....

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