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Considering the old lumbering labrador (bless him) Michael Ancram could nimbly tie Prescott up in knots this could be a form of sadism from Cameron. It reminds me of when I watch my cat torture the mouse he has just caught, revelling in the delight of seeing its futile squirming.

Even Skinner is getting agitated by us Tories again. Apparently he's just been thrown out the chamber for rather naughty comments made to George Osborne.

I fondly remember an incident a few years ago when Prezza was deputising for Blair at PMQs. Our local MP, Sir Michael Spicer, asked him a question about Withholding Tax. Prescott answered as if the question had been about Council Tax. He then proceeded to lose his place in his marked-up answer book and the session developed into a Two Ronnies sketch, with Prezza giving answers to questions in the wrong order. Bliss!

That line was really bad. I expect Hilary Armstrong to throw a few angry words about it. Its not her week!

Aaaah, how we've missed Willy at the dispatch box. Let's just hope he *doesn't* bring an end to "punch & judy" exchanges, because he was the best at them by a long way! We want the old jokes back, and the mockery, and the smell of blood!

Some people seem to have a fond regard for Skinner for some reason.Personally I think he's a joke and is an embarassment as an MP.

Think of him as the Boris Johnson of the left. Perhaps not a serious character, but a sense of humour will endear a many to many.

There is nothing funny about accusing someone of taking hard drugs. Skinners sense of humour failed him in this instance.
As far as I know Boris Johnson as many said anything cruel or vindictive about a political opponent. The same can`t be said about Skinner.

the funny thing is , Skinner was quoting from that veritable bastion of truthfulness - The News of the World

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