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Welcome back!

David Cameron's stance on leaving the EPP-ED group is one firm commitment which must be followed through in a timely fashion. Clearly it must be significant, if it is causing Angela Merkel to write to DC. All the more reason to go ahead. Only by uniting with those who agree with us can we hope to bring about the change that we want.

The EPP is rapidly threatening to turn into Cameron's equivalent of Clinton's gays in the military".

They need to get their act together.

The EPP decision is ours to make - not Frau Merkel's - or does she misunderstand the workings of democracy? I forget the exact moment she became the Chancellor of the Conservative Party.

It's in similar vein that KC openly attacks Cameron after losing the party leadership - when does he think he was promoted over the heads of the rest of the party? These people all need showing a good lesson viz. democracy is alive and well and it's to be found in the conservative party. We cannot deselect Merkel, but we can propose that Kenneth takes a early bath. Rushcliffe?

Interesting that the Conservative home website crashed as soon as it published the 'Why we must quit the EPP'. It wasn't Dr Who. It was Dr You Know Who.

Keep going Tim. They can give us hassle, but they won't stop one of the most powerful democratic forces in the world - The Conservative Party.

Frau Merkel would do better to try to win an election in Germany with a proper majority before she feels she is entitled to exercise power over British subjects. She too needs to be taught the meaning of the word democracy it seems.

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