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My best hopes that the Great Lady gets well soon:-)

Wishing all the best to the Tories' best election winner since Lord Liverpool (who also won three times, although not on a universal franchise).

I wish the noble baroness a speedy recovery. If only we had a leader like her now.

Stay with us Maggie. Get right.

I bet that if, God forbid, she were to pass away in the near-future, that she would not get the fan fair that George Best did.

It is such a disgrace that a woman who gave so much of herself in service to this country is regarded with such vehement malice.

It upset me in particular recently that someone on the BBC said that Carol Thatcher was likeable because "she'd need a lot of character to put up with a mother like that" and she went on to further imply that Maggie had been a bad mother. With no evidence whatsoever, except perhaps the "Iron Lady" image.

I have noticed for quite some time that the ridicule which a perceived "right-wing" politician receives is much more vindictive and personal than any attacks on any other kind of leader. Witness Michael Howard been called "evil" on a Jonathan Dimbleby program.

I dislike Tony Blair and his party, but I would never dream of describing him as evil or wicked. Yet, for some reason leftists will throw these vituperatives around and make the public believe them (without quite knowing why they do).

I'm hoping not only that Maggie gets better, but that the media and public have the graciousness to be kinder to her in her life time. She does not deserve to be treated in the foul manner which she often is. And we should never be ashamed of her reputation or her name.

Poor old Maggie, hope you get well soon!

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for Lady Thatcher. It is one of the big regrest of my life that I have not had the chance to meet her - the closest I got to having the opportunity was an event planned during the period she was promoting 'Statecraft'. Unfortunately about two weeks before it was due to take place the doctors advised her to cut down on her speaking engagements and the event was cancelled. Here's hoping for another opportunity.

Keeping fighting Margaret, you are a true asset to British politics.
When the time comes for her to pass away, I can imagine the bile which will pour out from her critics in the HoC and in the wider Public domain, we who believed in her, will have to raise our voices extra loud!!

She should be proud of the unforgiving hatred which she earned from the left. It showed how comprehensively she had destroyed through sheer intellectual nerve and integrity all their idiocies and wrongheadedness.

God bless Margaret Thatcher.

Nice for her to see Carol doing so well in 'I'm A Celeb'. That will cheer her up, and get her back in the swing soon enough.
She must have missed her. Carol'll be back home soon, and Maggie can convalesce and enjoy witnessing the Tory revival under Cameron.

It seems that the daughter has just as much idea how to handle the snakes as the mother had. No nonsense. Get on with it. Soon sorted. What a family!

"She should be proud of the unforgiving hatred which she earned from the left."

I agree - but it's not just hatred, is it? Ultimately, there are still a lot of people out there - not just in the Labour Party either - who are really quite frightened of her, even now in 2005, and frightened of the implications of what she achieved. And I trust she recognises that as the genuine tribute it so clearly is.

God bless her indeed.

Maggie T. was one of only three politicians
during my lifetime of 83 years who deserved the description 'a born leader' (the other two? Clem Attlee and Winston Churchill, bless them all).Things were getting worse here in 1956 and I with family emigrated to Australia Fair, and after a fabulous time returned here in 1988. The spread of 'wealth' amongst people was a welcome and unexpected surprise. Maggies removal from power by the Three H's. and John Major's major disaster with the Maastricht treaty almost finished off the Tory's and G.Britain too . We desperately need another LEADER, and to take us out of the EU too.

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