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Cameron's a clear winner here. A thoughtful, generous, charitable message in tune with the spirit of Christmas against a money grabbing, overtly political message.

Yes, but there's is about substance. Ours is about recycling old bottles and wrapping paper.

Taking advantage of christmas for political reasons is wrong.

This is what splits us from NuLabour.. We have a sense of morales they don't.

It strikes me that Labour is desperately trying to sure up its own supporters 4 years before an election... They are convinced that Cameron could do serious dmg to their party.

If Santas record of delivery was on a par with labours, then there would be an awful lot of disappointed kids around.

In a mini challenge with a local Labour councillor who was pointing out 25 good things from Labour (some of them were local Thanet things which Labour had started but the Tories had finished - Westwood Cross for example), I gave myself 24 hours and compiled a list twice the size of his of things Labour has been responsible for since 1997 which were bad. Not much of a challenge I guess but fun nonetheless.

Labours Christmas message is truly horrible. Labours record of delivery in 8 years is five items long!

Couldnt help but smile at your joke Andrew.

"Taking advantage of christmas for political reasons is wrong."

Did you say this about David Cameron's "message", or are you a hypocrite?

Well, Socialists have always been materialists.

Santa only delivers once per year (and it takes parents a full year to pay off the debt)

We deliver every day!

"Did you say this about David Cameron's "message", or are you a hypocrite?"

It had a genuinely thoughtful message. Unlike you, I do believe that Cameron is a decent person.

"It had a genuinely thoughtful message."

It took advantage of Christmas for political reasons - the very thing you condemned Labour for. You are a hypocrite.

The Labour sleigh looks to me as if it has lost its driver and is falling out of the sky.

It's still more exciting than my Conservatives Direct message, which displayed the yawnsome new banner.

And where's Charlie Kennedy's Christmas message? If Labour's is red, and Cameron's is green -does that mean Kennedy's is amber?

On a similar theme, here's a link to what the BBC thinks about the party leaders' Christmas cards.


"It took advantage of Christmas for political reasons - the very thing you condemned Labour for. You are a hypocrite."

You miss the point, Whereas Labour has used its christmas message to advertise and glorify itself, Cameron is using it for a positive message, not centered around himself or the party IMO but the the trust

James I am certain you will bash Cameron along any road he takes...So I shouldn't even bother responding to your queries in the future..

"Cameron is using it for a positive message, not centered around himself or the party IMO but the the trust"

What are you talking about? How is making "our Party a voice for real environmental leadership, showing that as individuals and as a Party we’re serious about tackling the big challenges this country faces" not about the party, and not using Christmas for political purpooses? Which is the very thing you condemned Labour for.

"James I am certain you will bash Cameron along any road he takes..."

Not said a word about him,just about your amazing double standards.

Dear Santa

Sorry to have left it so late this year, but it's just been one bloody thing after another. I know, like me, you're a pretty straight kinda giving guy, so I'm a-hoping and a-praying that you're gonna send me something nice. Here's my wishlist.

Some guitar lessons. I might have the time to take up the band again in the near future.

Cherie's such a kind-hearted woman - maybe we could take in a homeless kitten? Great photo-op!

Insulation for the upstairs connecting walls - Cherie and the kids can't sleep for the horrid groaning and a-wailing that goes on next door all the time. There's no point in me telling the kiddies to sleep easy, there's no monsters under their beds etc, when Cherie snaps "no, he's not under the bed, he's through that bloody wall!". Cue another night of sulking and a-hissing. So yes please Santa, lots and lots of cavity wall insulation.

A bottle of whisky. Well it's been a stressful year. And it always seems to do Charlie Kennedy such good (naughty schoolgirl giggle).

Oh god I need to get something for Prescott, and the Poundstretcher's closed. Any ideas, Santa? A boxed-set of PG Wodehouse, he's bound to love those timeless class acts.

Finally Santa - and look, I know and you know this is one of the toughest decisions we're gonna hafta make - I need to get something for la Gordon. I can imagine you'll be busy trying to satisfy HIS wishlist Santa! Bet there's loads of stuff like "More munny" and "shoartbreed" and other lovely Scottishy stuff. Well how about something traditional? A lovely sign for his front door - "Dunroamin" - that should bring a smile to his face!

That's about it Santa. Thanks. And look. It's all about the kids, innit? The future. Now. Tradition. But new. Oops! Sorry Santa, clicked the "SpeechRight" wizard by mistake. Byeee!!

Yours ever so sincerely,
Tony xxx

Didn't some study comprehensively discredit surestart? Has something changed?

I think Surestart is a great example of the gap between good intentions and outcomes. I know that where I live, it is actively damaging childcare, by draining council resources from small, local groups -- all money goes to the giant Surestart centre! It's a perfect example of why the left can't really do effective reform for the people - they can't get over the idea that they (the leaders) know best what the people need, even if the ungrateful people would prefer to make their own, smaller, more local, solutions.

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