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I regard the whole Good Friday Agreement/Peace Process farce as one of the most shameful and damaging episodes in post-war British policy making.

Shameful because murderers (some of them psychopaths) have been pandered to rather than punished. We have spat in the face of justice - and in the faces of the victims of terrorism. What kind of politicians do that? Moral runts and appeasers.

And damaging because the whole world has seen that even the most stable and durable of democracies will change its policies in response to lobbying by bomb and bullet. Today's terrorists have absorbed the lesson.

Only if the entire leadership of the IRA was to be executed for its heinous crimes would justice truly be done.

Its hard to believe that Labour would actually try to justify this law. Its ridiculous. But there Hain is, trying to justify the law.

I can honestly say that I would have quit the tory party in absolute disgust had we not voted against this abhorant piece of legislation.

Well done, David Lidington, but don't bank on the Tory Party actually sticking to its guns (excuse the pun) over this one. Since 1998, it has in essence played along (viz. the shameful role of Chris Patten) with every concession to the IRA by the Labour Party which is essentially a pro-Sinn Fein/IRA party.....with notable exceptions such as Kate Hoey. The late Mo Mowlam worshipped at the shrine of McGuinness and Adams. Peter Hain has been a staunch supporter of extreme Irish Republicanism for decades.

Well done indeed to David Liddington. Hain knows that there is no moral justification for this rotten law.

Actually Michael I think that the party will stick to it's guns on this issue. There was genuine fury on the conservative benches during the second reading debate. I have never heard 'aye' yelled as loud as it was at the start of the division on the reasoned ammendment that would have declined to give the bill it's second reading.

It is to Labour's eternal shame that Kate Hoey was the only labour MP to vote against the government on this issue.

Anyone who didn't see the debate should read the magnificent speech made by Peter Robinson (DUP).

I'm surprised Frank Field didn't vote against the government on this one.

I believe that Frank Field abstained on both the reasoned ammendment and the second reading votes.

Reading Field's comments in Parliament about the Bill he said "If someone is a white, murderous Protestant or Catholic terrorist, they might get closure, but we have another message for black Muslim terrorists if they attack us."

Maybe he disliked this Bill hugely (which he clearly did) but didnt want to vote with the Conservatives and the rest of the Opposition?

I can only echo the comments above.I feel a very abusive letter to Hain would not go amiss.He is a disgrace to his country for sure but more than that,he is a disgrace as a man.

Apparently the tangerine-coloured MP for Neath is known in the Welsh Valleys as "Peter Vain". His rise to prominence, and his behaviour as Northern Ireland Secretary, illustrates, if evidence were needed, that the hard left still enjoys plenty of influence in New Labour circles.

I know that this is old potatoes but I've just discovered this site and thread. As someone who was active in the campaign against the OTR legislation I was very pleased with the support for our position from both the Tories and the LibDems and not for getting the SDLP. As I understand it Frank Field was not able to be there for the vote but he spoke against it. If he had been available to vote he would have voted against.

>>I regard the whole Good Friday Agreement/Peace Process farce as one of the most shameful and damaging episodes in post-war British policy making.<<

Right on, Tory T.

I want to see the Tory Party giving the fullest possible support to loyal Ulster, which is now truly represented by the DUP.

It's time to return to the golden days of the 1980s when FCS were in the patriotic vanguard, supporting our loyalist brethren all the way.

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