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Agree: this is a great article. Interesting point about Europe, though. The last thing that we need is to get the European argument staunched, but then fought by proxy by the "realists" through attitudes over Iraq. That would get even BETTER coverage on the Beeb.

The EU constitution has not been defeated. That is what the Euro fanatics want the public to believe. It is "happening now". The Commission is introducing key measures by stealth, often without the necessary legislation. The anti-constitution campaign needs to be re-started to fight these stealth initiatives.

Hear, hear Selsdon. We need to oppose this, but the public are not interested, and so it gets very little attention from the media. Will our new modern party want to give time to unfashionable issues or will it want to concentrate elsewhere. It's a question of principle or image?

But because European integration's by stealth, the public don't really care. The best way to stop further European integration is for our lot to get elected - the party is now Eurosceptic; it is only in the BBC's delusions that pro-Europeans are anything but a remnant.

"He used to be the future, once." Best one-sentence political putdown I've heard in years - it cut Blair right down to size, in seconds, emphasising exactly what he has become.

The point I was making is precisely that the EU argument has now been won inside the Party. The only question is how to combat the stealth introduction of the constitution by other means. EPP withdrawal will be a good indicator of the willpower behind that, of course. We just have to avoid situations which the BBC and others can paint as Tory business as usual on Europe. Allowing the same argument to spill out in another form would allow such a presentation.

It's truly scary that a political commentator as intelligent as Peter Oborne feels the need to conform to the media lies about Europe being a non-issue after the defeated referenda in France and Holland.

It just shows that he dares not tell the truth. Why not? What's he frightened of? Who's threatening him? He's not stupid and must know that what he is writing makes no sense. Really it's terrifying how craven the media have become - it's not just stealth tactics. Oborne must be frightened to talk such utter rubbish. The EU programme is powering ahead and he knows it.

If Dr Goebbels was screaming lies out loud I would understand anyone being circumspect about exposing them, but who or what is it that so stifles the likes of Oborne into restraining his pen?

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