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Why don't they make you Vice Chairmen of the Conservative Party for Internet Activities.

Seriously, We would all love to here from these new appointments about their plans for the party, On Conservative Home of Course.

Gosh - *seven* deputy chairmen! I would have thought that could devalue the post a little.

Though for all I know this could be standard practice. Can anyone advise - is Cameron the first to do this, or have we been doing it for years?

Coxy, this was the normal pattern under IDS and MH - to have a couple of deputies and five 'vice' chairmen.

My assumption was that the Deputy Chairmen are more senior than Vice Chairmen. We had (could be completely wrong) at leats the same number under Howard.. ie) two Vice Chairs on Campaigning - in Andrew Turner and Andrew Rosindell.

As for Tim being Vice Chair for Internet activities - while I would back this 100% on our Ed's abilities - isn't it quite nice that this blog is independent of the party - and therefore can carry out a very different function than it could if it was brought into the fold?

What are Margo James' credentials?

I have a feeling she won't see eye to eye with Sayeeda Warsi.

Sayeeda Warsi is just the sort of person we need in the party and in politics. I'm very excited about these appointments and I hope we hear a lot from them.

Margot James is a delightful person. A very successful businesswoman who came into politics because of Margaret Thatcher. She has a real heart for the poor and has been involved with the Centre for Social Justice. She took on Frank Dobson at the last election and was the Tories' first (openly) lesbian candidate.

I agree Editor

I must admit I was very taken aback and quite appalled by Teletext's coverage of this story. It lists it in the new headlines page as:

"Cameron appoints lesbian"

What on earth are they on?

Very funny, but of course wrong at the same time.

Excellent appointment in Grant Shapps, I think - he has proved himself in recent general elections to be among the best campaigners in the Party, and I hope that he will make a real impact in this role.

I agree. I also think that Justine could teach a few people on marginal seats a few things about focused local campaigns.

I do wonder how the Daily Mail will react to Margot James's appointment. Some time ago, when her name was linked to the K&C nomination, they described her as living "in an unconventional domestic arrangement with another woman"! I'm very glad to see her take this up though. I was slightly worried that she would just go back to business after the election. She's also been on the board of a National health Service trust; served on Steve Norris's womens' commission; is a leading figure in attempts to rebuild politically active Conservative networks in business circles and is active within the K&C local party. Margot, if you're reading: stand for the council next year too!

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