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It will be interesting to see what Willets comes up with at Education, though I had hoped he would return to W&P to sort out the largest problem the country has

This seems a bit uninspiring to be honest.Chris Grayling was doing a pretty good job where he was ,why move him?Duncan made zero impact at Transport and is my opinion pretty lucky to have a Cabinet job at all.
It says something that Oliver Heald is confirmed in position when a vastly more important job like Work & Pensions (which perhaps should have been Willets) is left unfilled.Have we got our priorities right here?

So Health goes to...
(a woman?)

Disappointing that Chris Grayling didn't get a better job. He's a real talent. Then again, as a talent perhaps he'll turn Transportation into a more prestigious job.

BBC mentions this bit quietly:

"Under the reshuffle, Andrew Mitchell stays as shadow overseas development secretary, according to Tory sources.

Meanwhile, David Lidington remains as shadow Northern Ireland secretary.

The BBC has learned that Andrew Lansley is also expected to stay as shadow health secretary. "

Lansley's done an excellent job at health.

Looks like most of the Sunday gossip was utterly wrong.

If this turns out to be correct, there hasnt really been much 'change to win' involved in this new shadow cabinet.

Spelman probably gets health then. Pensions will be the headache.

I don't think Andrew Mitchell has done anything special with the ID portfolio, and the Davis team has surely been appeased enough with Davis staying at Home and Willetts going to Education.

Any news on Redwood?

... or Caroline Spelman?

BBC tipping Lansley to keep health btw

I will post news as soon as I get it on Spelman, Redwood et al...

Why has conservatives.com labelled William Hague as Shadow Foreign Secretary and Senior Member of the Shadow Cabinet? Will there be a deputy leader or is this a new name for the deputy?

No great purge then - so far no female breakthrough either. Willets at Education will be an interesting one. On a less significant note I believe the local Welsh news has reported that Bill Wiggin has stepped down as Welsh affairs shadow - I'm afraid his profile in Wales was incredably low.

"Will there be a deputy leader or is this a new name for the deputy?"

Essentially Hauge is the Deputy. Hauge will stand in at PMQs for example if Cameron isn't there. Deputy Leader was always a rather scratched together job, I prefer this approach.

Theresa Villiers is Chief Secretary to the Treasury, says the BBC!

If that is true then it is a disguisting appointment. How indefensible, disgraceful. I am physically shking with rage.

Why?What has she ever done to upset you?

How on earth has she got herself a promotion like that? I didnt think much of her when she asked a question at PMQs yesterday, oh dear, where will Nick Herbet end up now?

Pleased for Theresa Villiers, I don't know a great deal about her, but when I have seen her she seems to have potential to be a front bencher. This appointment is more along the lines of what I was expecting from Cameron.

Well it is true, it is a disgrace. OUT OUT OUT to that backstabbing woman. What a thoroughly provocative appointment. It is a pity that our Treasury team looks the weakest part of the whole Shadow Cabinet.

Excellent news about Theresa.

We need some fresh new faces, and she will do splendily.

I agree with Clare that our Treasury team, which should surely be the strongest to see off Brown and to focus on the economy, appears to be the weakest. Villiers should be somewhere like shadow minister on Europe, I would have liked to have seen someone with more ability in such a crucial role in backing up George Osborne!

What balderdash. Why should 6 months in the Commons get you into the Shadow Cabinet. That bitch ought to be thoroughly ashamed and should have refused the appointment.

Seriously though Clare, is there some specific conflict between you and TV? You do sound very very angry.

I apologise for the bitch comment! Sounds very catty! Sorry.

What did she do to you?

Clare, who did she backstab?

It's a fairly breathtaking promotion (and Nick Herbert needs a good job too) but she has been building her reputation on economic (especially EU aspects) for some time.

I would have preferred to see her in a junior foreign or treasury job...

I am not surprised that Cameron hasn`t made many changes as it was a pretty strong team to start with but I think the changes that have been made have been good ones.
It will be interesting to see changes made lower down the ladder and who of the newer MP`s are brought in.I am sure that a number of the younger MP`s will be given time to gain experiance lower down the order and then put into the cabinet in time for the next election.
I don`t know what Teresa Villiers as done to upset Claire but I have always thought she was pretty impressive and had future frontbencher written all over her.

My dad lives in Barnet, and I was quite impressed by what I saw and heard of her campaign there (albeit in a safe seat). Her question in the Commons yesterday voiced exactly what a lot of folks in Barnet have been telling me. I'm delighted for her.

Clare, what is your problem with Theresa Villiers? I don't know much about her and I suppose only time will tell if the decision is right or not but I do know that vitriol like yours can't be helpful. If there is a genuine reason based on ability and or previous political actions that she shouldn't be in the Shadow Cabinet then let's debate it, if yours are personal attacks because you don't like the woman then it really has no relevance.

Or perhaps it is yet another case of Tory women hating and wanting to denigrate other Tory women.

Sorry I mistyped my own name there!

If Villiers gets this job then Nick Herbet should definately get a big promotion! (I had a bet that he would get Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasurery but thats out the window).

Incidentally, I thought Phillip Hammond was quite a respectable Shadow Chief Treasury Secretary. I do hope DC will find him a good job --Work & Pensions perhaps?

I have deleted earlier and completely unsubstantiated comments alleging that Theresa Villiers spread rumours about another person. I have also sent an email warning the offender not to post speculation or gossip of such a nature again.


Still no mention of Spelman does anyone know what's happening to her? Is she heading up a new Policy Group or has she been relegated to the wilderness of the backbenches. A shame for a woman who many voters see as "normal".

Maybe she is getting W&P?

Caroline Spelman is not liked at CCHQ. She's always moaning about something. She is also completely insubstantial and very weak. Can you remember her ever adopting a strong position on ANYTHING?

Other MPs have nicknamed her Mary Poppins.

Well CCHQ obviously can't see beyond the end of their noses. Spelman is a quality performer. She is voter friendly, in no way abrasive like Theresa May and always seems to have a good grasp of detail. She is no attack dog, but she is a good politician and should be exploited. Also CCHQ spy - what a load of poppycock that you are anywhere near the top brass of the Party.

Caroline's current job hasn't yet been filled; or environment, agriculture, culture (ie the not very high profile jobs!)...

We should be making more use of her. My understanding from some people at CCO is that the staffers haven't particularly rated her as a policymaker, but most people acknowledge that she's a great communicator and she's very popular with her constituents. I'd love to be a fly on the wall at Shadow Cabinet meetings to see how they interact with each other.

Caroline Spelman certainly merits a position of some importance.

So the staffers are now picking the Shadow Cabinet? Seems strange. There is a reason they are staffers and she is a Senior Tory. Personally I would have like to have seen her made Deputy Leader and given a top job.

Spelman gets Shadow Deputy PM. Does that make her Deputy Leader?

Are the Wales/Scotland/NI jobs going into the Shadow Cabinet this time?

So which women have been given jobs so far? May, Villiers, Spelman, Gillan all spring to mind, that leaves Kirkbride, Lait, Laing-any news on the possibility of them getting Shadow Cabinet positions?

I doubt Spelman will get the title of Deputy leader as such, after all Hague has been made 'Senior Member' of the Shadow Cabinet.

Seems David Mundell is getting shadow Scottish Secretary and will be in the shadow cabinet. He's a very capable fellow - was an MSP since '99 until elected in May 05.

Shadow ODPM is not the same as Deputy Leader - David Davis was given this position when he was sacked as Chairman by Iain Duncan Smith, whilst Michael Ancram was Deputy Leader. Is Shadow ODPM not just a rebranding of the job she was doing anyway as Shadow Secretary for Local Government and Communities (or whatever it was called)?

It seems, incidentally, pretty obvious that 'Barbara Villiers=Clare Lewis'.

I asked her that the other day Goldie, and she flatly denied it. I'm with you on this one Goldie.

I have zero trust in the utterances of either Barbara Villiers or Clare Lewis.

She doesn't take a consistent line, but seems to be interested in making loaded and negative comments.

I find her general approach to things extremely irritating and her added value negative.

I feel she often ruins a thread's atmosphere.

But hey, I am not in charge over here!

I have my reasons to think that Clare Lewis is not the infamous Barbara Villiers. Barbara has completely disappeared though, and she did promise to reveal her identity after the contest was over and done. Editor, an investigation is needed!

How many of th Shadow Cabinet went to public schools? This is one of the real problems-all these claims that the Conservatives should look like modern Britain. They simply do not ring true.

I look forward to DW at Education, but he is good at identifying problems-not so good at practical solutions.

Anyone reckon Stephen Dorrell might get a frontbench job again as a token gesture to the Ken Clarke camp ? - after all he was it's front man, plus he's coordinated statements with David Cameron in recent week.

Sounds like the Shadow Cabinet has pretty much been confirmed, but Dorrell has to be odds-on as a chair of one of these seven policy groups, alongside Clarke, Redwood and Duncan Smith. Not sure about the other four. Yeo, Curry, Ancram, Lilley? Or less senior figures?

Why so puzzled? Villiers is there because she's a woman. Duncan is there because he's a homosexual.

Can we scratch around for a 'person of ethnicity'?

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