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I have to say I feel a bit sorry for Twigg over this.Which one amongst us has never done anything they later regret?

The photo's great. He looks drunk there, eyes glazed. The thing is hes the first to have been caught. Im sure those higher up are like that most of the time...just look at their policies!

I don't think he should hold this against Mr. Twigg.

The policies Labour espouses, on the other hand...

This was in addition to this on Sunday

The Guardian Backbencher puts it this way:


Speaking of the seasonal redeye ... "I had had a lot to drink .... I
have no complaints whatsoever. I take full responsibility for my
actions. I think I will be a lot more careful in the future. I feel
like an idiot today. I very much regret it." Poor Stephen Twigg! The
Backbencher won't rub in the embarrassment of his arrest for being
"drunk and incapable" while weaving home from the Foreign Policy
Centre's Christmas bash, except to note that the coppers nicked him
outside Selfridges at 7.19pm - suggesting that the ex-schools
minister was too inebriated even to hail a cab. We've all been there,
Stephen, but few of us have managed it before half past seven on a
weekday. Rock on!

Mrs T and I once stayed in a rather nice Amalfi hotel alongside Mr Twigg.

But my lips are sealed.

Just visited your new blog Wat - brilliant.

OK, a good laugh and I laughed too. But why was he charged? Was he a danger to the community? Was he about to mug somebody or hurl a bollard through a bus shelter window?
Or was he an easy middle class target for a lazy copper who wanted to spend the next couple of hours inside, filling in the necessary forms.

Drunk and incapable?

He's been incapable for a long time....!

Who employs poor Mr Twigg? Don't they realise they now have a vicarious liability for their employee's behaviour and their health and safety - even if the party is out of working hours. I had to spend our works function ensuring that my colleagues didn't drink too much and that they could get home safely from the work's do.

Too much festive spirit has led 80 per cent of UK bosses to cancel their company Christmas party, because they fear litigation as a result of employees' drunken behaviour.

The only way to avoid responsibility is by setting out rules and being able to prove that employees are aware of what is expected of them.

Before the party you are advised to remind people how they are expected to behave, to respect each other and not consume too much alcohol.

Misbehaviour at a work party can be a disciplinary offence.

Just call me party pooper! Or the law makers who created this law.

I am appalled at the intrusive journalism on this matter. Surely we should all hope that from now on Mr Twigg will be having a private future?

Made me laugh. That WAS our local MP, thank god Enfieldians saw sense and elected Mr. Burrowes. Can't see him doing the same. By the way I am an ardent pro-Mr. Burrowes as he agreed to do a photoshoot with our school Young Enterprise Company. Same with Theresa Villiers

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