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The only problem I can see with leaving DD where he is, is the problem of where to put Fox if Hague takes over as foreign secretary.

There is plenty of work to be done - I'd hope there is room for all the talent pool to be put to good use.

Congratulations on the survey result. A double victory for internet polling. The question now is why even bother with any other kind of polling? Either the results are way off the truth or subject to so many adjustments that the result is whatever the polling organisation wants it to be (i.e. not too far away from whatever YouGov is predicting).

I can't see DD staying at the top table. It looks pretty clear that Osborne, Hague and Fox will take the top three posts when it really should be Davis, Hague and Fox. If he is offered Defence (presumably withouth the deputy leadership) I hope he accepts but I wouldn't be surprised, or blame him, for resturning to the backbenches.

In that other leadership election taking place yesterday, Timothy Kirkhope was re-elected leader of the Tory MEP delegation in Brussels he won with two thirds of the vote. Kirkhope was the pro staying in the EPP-ED candidate and he won convincingly, it will be interesting to see if Cameron does anything about our membership of the EPP-ED. If he does he will have a huge fight on his hands, if he does not then there will be a lot of very angry Euro-sceptic MEPs and MPs, many of whom only voted for Cameron because he pladged to withdraw the Tories from the EPP-ED.

Yes Richard you're right.This will be the first test of Camerons leadership.I don't think he will flunk it and fully expect Tim Kirkhope and his friends will soon learn that they will have to do what Cameron (and most of our party) want.

For the first time in ages the biggest problem a Conservative leader has is there are too many good people for the Shadow Cabinet, and not too little. Nothing is being said about David Willetts, what will happen to him? He's too important to waste on the backbenches.

So the majority of voters want Davis promoted or kept in place...

According to Nick Robinson on Today this am, it's definitely Osborne, Hague, and DD...unclear what he's going to do with Fox, although the Times reckons Defence and the Deputy Leadership.

Lord Kalms was on the Today programme arguing that Davis should be given a very senior post.


Where can we find the full results of the surveys?

Hey, welcome back Disreali.It's been so long since you posted I was beginning to think you were dead!

Nope - just watching the contest from beyond the blog. Very pleased with the result and pleased that the Conservative Party will be led again from the moderate centre.

This 'Tory Diary' looks to be an impressive new feature.

I did not personally believe the polls showing that the Tory Party's members have fallen into a swoon about this man who blatantly despised most of their opinions.
Well, I've learned from that experience. The conservative party is even more decrepit, deluded and desperate than I had imagined.

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