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24 Aug 2011 07:57:34

Labour's shambolic management of asylum system cost taxpayer £10 billion

By Tim Montgomerie
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MIGRATION WATCH UK A report from MigrationWatch reveals the enormous failure of the asylum system during the Labour years, 1997 until 2010:

  • Asylum seekers - whether genuine or not - had a 77% chance of staying in Britain;
  • Only a third of those refused asylum were ever removed from Britain;
  • Towards the end of the Labour years 59% of asylum claims were only made after a person had been detected as an illegal immigrant;
  • The cost to the taxpayer was an average £2.3 million per day or £10 billion in total.

Sir Andrew Green of MigrationWatch said:

"The asylum system has proved to be a £10 billion shambles. Those who, like ourselves, are serious about protecting genuine refugees should be no less serious about removing bogus claimants and, better still, deterring them in the first place... It also needed to be much tougher on the bogus. It is absurd, for example, that we should allow people who have been in Britain illegally for years to claim asylum so as to delay or prevent their removal; this now applies to almost 60% of claimants."

Green Damian New Responding to the report, Damian Green, Immigration Minister, told the Daily Mail:

"The system we inherited was hopelessly chaotic and did not provide the taxpayer with value for money. Last year, we reduced the bill for asylum support by over £100million and it is falling further this year. We have nearly doubled the proportion of asylum-seekers removed within a year of their application and around 60 per cent of applicants receive a decision within a month."

> Download a PDF of Migrationwatch's full report.

1 Dec 2009 06:19:33

Profile of Migration Watch

MigrationWatch Key staff

MigrationWatch's Chairman is Sir Andrew Green, a former British Ambassador to Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Professor David Coleman, Professor of Demography at Oxford University, is an Honorary Consultant to MW on demographic matters but he does not speak on its behalf.

Basic Philosophy

The purpose of the non-party MW is to provide the public with full and accurate facts on migration issues. It regards a reasonable flow of migration in both directions as a natural part of an open economy. It is, however, opposed to the present very high levels of immigration which will, on the government's own projections, add seven million to the population of England by 2031. This is nearly seven times the population of Birmingham.

While supporting the principle of asylum, MW is critical of the failure to remove those whose claims are rejected and opposes granting them an amnesty.

MW also provide research for the Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration led by Frank Field MP (Labour) and Nicholas Soames MP (Conservative) which was established in September 2008.  Read Nicholas Soames on this subject.

MW attach particular importance to their independence. They receive no public funds in any form, nor research contracts. They are financed entirely by donations from members of the public.

Recent achievements

MW has been effective in this sensitive area of public debate by concerning itself with facts rather than emotion. Attempts to tarnish them as being sensationalist have not stood up.

It has scored some hits against the Labour Government. For instance in January 2008 the Statistics Commission, an independent watchdog, agreed that, excluding British citizens, the proportion of migrants from outside the EU was 68%, not 52% as ministers had claimed. This finding followed the Government being reported to the Statistics Commission by MW.

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27 Nov 2009 23:47:00

Why an amnesty on illegal immigrants is bad for Britain

Migration Watch

"An Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants? - Migration Watch Response to the GLA Paper"

Author: Migration Watch

Publication Date: November 2009

The report is highly critical of the idea of an amnesty of illegal immigrants which has been supported by Boris Johnson among others. The report argues that an amnesty will encourage further illegal immigration and will increase the risk of fraud. Furthermore an amnesty will increase the strain on social housing and create societal problems.

11 Nov 2009 22:08:00

Why a Points Based System won't halt immigration

Migration Watch

"The Points Based System - Why it will not stop our population hitting 70million"

Author: Migration Watch

Publication date: 11 November 2009

The report states that the UK Points Based System places no limit on the number of immigrants allowed to settle in the UK unlike the Australian Points Based System. According to the author the Points Based System will have cut immigration by 8% in 2008. In order to prevent the UK's population from reaching 70million by 2029 a reduction in immigration by 66% would be required.

1 Sep 2009 23:06:00

The impact of immigration on the size of our population

Migration Watch

"How Immigration Affects the Size of Our Population"

Author: Migration Watch

Publication date: 1 September 2009

This report notes that immigration is now accounting for an estimated 70% of projected population growth in the UK. The report also notes that the Office of National Statistics figures contains a 2.5% error in its 20 year range migration projection thus highlighting the unpredictability of the UK's migration statistics.

12 Jul 2009 00:22:00

Neither main parties pledging to stop UK population hitting 70million

Migration Watch

"Neither Labour nor Conservatives will stop the population hitting 70million"

Author: Migration Watch

Publication date: 12 July 2009

The report is critical of both Labour and Conservative policies on immigration. The report concludes that to prevent Britain's population from reaching 70million net migration levels need to be reduced by 75% from the present level of 237,000 people per year. According to the author on the basis of the parties current policies Labour would reduce net immigration by about 8% and the Conservatives would reduce it by 27%.

23 May 2009 00:03:00

The secret cost of immigration

Migration Watch

"The Invisible Cost of Immigration"

Author: Migration Watch

Publication date: 23 May 2009

The money sent home out of the UK by UK dwelling immigrants amounts to an estimated £4billion per year which is an estimated £11million per day. This is often ignored but in the eyes of the author is a further example of the the negative financial impact of mass immigration.

30 Apr 2009 00:14:00

Twelve key facts on immigration

Migration Watch

"A dozen key facts on immigration"

Author: Migration Watch

Publication date: April 2009

Twelve key lesser known facts relating to mass immigration in the UK and the consequential impact on British society.