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4 Aug 2009 13:42:00

The rise of China

Henry Jackson

"The Rise of China" (PDF)

Author: Rosalba Junginger

Publication date: 4 August 2009

The report discusses the success of China's economy and contrasts it with the failure of the Chinese Government to enact significant political reforms and their poor human rights record. The report warns of an increasing anti-American sentiment among radical nationalists in China who are blaming the US for the global financial crisis and the potential for disorder to arise as a result.

31 Jul 2009 17:50:00

Linking human rights and capitalism


"The War on Capitalism - Human rights, political bias" (PDF)

Author: Jacob Mchangama

Date of publication: 31 July 2009

The author criticises the inherent left-wing bias of human rights organisations such as Amnesty International and calls for market-based solutions to tackle human rights abuses and global poverty. The report contrasts "freedom rights" with "social rights" and argues that capitalism should be supported by the human rights industry.

9 Mar 2009 15:38:00

A reorganisation of the world economic order?

Henry Jackson

"The Spectre of Global Depression and its Impact Upon International Diplomacy"(PDF)

Author: Marcel Thach

Publication date: 9 March 2009

The report looks at the impact of the recession in the US, Europe, Russia, Japan and China and acknowledges that although each economic area has unique difficulties each economy is inextricably linked. The author argues that the global financial crisis marks an ideal moment for a global reorganisation of the world economic order unseen since the 1930s.