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The Conservative Policy Forum wants to know your views on how to rebalance the economy

By Jonathan Isaby

Picture 6 The Conservative Policy Forum has recently been relaunched with the purpose of engaging party members and the wider Conservaitve family in discussing the major policy challenges facing Britain.

Most months a policy brief is circulated by the CPF and groups from constituency associations up and down the country meet to discuss the issues raised.

ConservativeHome is keen to engage its readers in these debates too, so here is your chance to contribute in a vritual discussion of the policy brief.

Click here to download this month's policy brief on "Rebalancing the Economy" and use the comments section below to dicuss the first two questions raised this month:

  1. What challenges will we face in 2015 to ensure Britain’s economy is geographically balanced? 
  2. By 2015, will technological advances, and changes to working costs and practices, mean that internet connectivity will be as relevant as physical and transportation connectivity?

Later in the week we will host discussions relating to the other questions.


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